Sources Suggest Rosenstein Is In For The Worst Week Of His Life, Congress Voting On His Impeachment Likely

Elder Patriot – It appears that the gig is up for Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave him the rope and he hung himself with it.

Working together with the full chorus of Democrats and backed by the echo chamber of the mainstream media, Rosenstein was given the reigns over the Russian election probe when Sessions was hounded into recusing himself.

Rosenstein used his position atop the trumped up Russia probe to hinder the investigation into the CIA inspired DOJ-FBI-NSD scheme to cast shade on the candidacy of Donald Trump and eventually onto his presidency.

With the revelations as a result of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before multiple congressional and senate subcommittees this week there is no longer much doubt that the insurance policy that FBI Counterintelligence Deputy Peter Strzok referenced in a text message to FBI Lawyer Lisa Page referred to the wholly fabricated Russia-Trump collusion investigation.

Rosenstein eventually found himself defending the indefensible as the Special Counsel he had pinned the hopes of the Cabal on failed to find anything with which to charge President Trump.

The final straw for Rosenstein came with his signature on the fourth FISA warrant application.  By that time Rosenstein knew that the evidence being presented for the judge’s consideration was false.  That was a sure sign of desperation and only raises questions as to why he would put himself in the middle of this unnecessarily.

Unless of course he had something to fear from Trump’s promise to drain the swamp.

The removal of Rosenstein became inevitable last Friday after the Inspector General released his report and his involvement in the charade and subsequent coverup became public..

At that time we wrote, it’s hard to envision Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein surviving more than a few more days.  He had full knowledge of these text messages as well as thousands of more pieces of evidence. He wrote the letter that President Trump relied on to fire Jim Comey.  He appointed Robert Mueller. He signed the final FISA warrant request meaning he knowingly ignored all of the falsehoods contained within it. And, he blocked the constitutionally designated Congressional oversight committee from viewing the evidence, as is their right.

Today, my sources confirmed the conclusion that Rosenstein will soon walk the plank was solid.  If my sources are correct – they have been up until now – and Rosenstein is impeached the ensuing trial will reveal everything that’s been kept from us about how the cabal protects itself.

Drain the Swamp.