Sorry, But It’s Official, Here’s Proof We No Longer Live in a Representative Democracy

Elder Patriot – It’s become glaringly obvious that Congress – and until the election of Donald Trump our presidents – answer to monied interests and not to the people.  This truth became undeniable when James Woods posted this meme to Twitter:

When considering what this means, keep in mind the absence of any attention to our national security that results as a consequence of both.

Elections have consequences, or so it’s said.  In this case, our betters in Congress have told us to go [email protected] ourselves.

The flow of drugs, human trafficking, criminals, the incredible drain on our social welfare systems, our electoral integrity, and the assault on the wages of our lower economic demographic could, to a major degree, all be impacted in a positive way.

It’s estimated that the twenty million dollar cost of the wall would be paid for in the first few months and the unquantifiable costs in lives, drug dependency, and our culture, likewise would be ameliorated.

On the other side of the coin is Congress’ acceptance of Manchurian President Hussein’s Iran deal that authorized the transfer of $150 Billion to the world’s leading funder of terrorism.

Is some of that money being used to by Iran’s Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani to threaten Donald Trump and his family?

Just this past week Soleimani issued this threat to Trump:

“You know that this war will destroy all that you possess. You will start this war but we will be the ones to impose its end.

“Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him.”

“Mr Gambler Trump! I’m telling you that we are close to you exactly where you wouldn’t think that we are.”

If Iran launches a terrorist plot against anyone in the United States we have every right to expect Hussein Obama to be named a material co-conspirator as well as every one of those that defended him.

We have every right to demand that Congress fund the wall on our southern border and to stop funding terrorists.  The fact that our elected representatives do exactly the opposite of what we elect them to do, then spend tens of millions of dollars to convince us to vote for them all over again begs the question; Are we stupid or are our elections rigged?

Either way, our representative Republic is on life support.  And then, only because we elected Donald Trump.