Something Stinks: Was N.M. Islamic Compound an FBI False Flag Training Site?

Elder Patriot – To conclude something is seriously wrong inside the FBI-DOJ would be an understatement of massive proportion.  The only question is how wrong and how deep in goes within the ranks.

The New Mexico compound that served as a training ground for school shooters cries out for answers in the aftermath of its discovery.

Five jihadi terrorists, Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhannah Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, and Lucas Morten, were arrested by federal agents at the compound where the partially decomposed body of a three-year-old was also found.

The body was that of Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj who had been kidnapped from his home in Georgia last December.

Abdul-Ghani was the son of Siraj Wahhaj.  NBC News is reporting that prosecutors believe the boy died during a religious ritual to rid him of demons.  That makes Siraj Wahhaj guilty of murder.

Judge Sarah Backus released Siraj Wahhaj without bail.  Check that. To be precise, the accused would have to pay $20,000 in the event he doesn’t show up for future court appearances.  Let that sink in for a second.

In what way would a potential future $20,000 debt deter a man with terrorist contacts from fleeing when he is facing life in prison for kidnapping and murder?

Factor into his thinking that as an Islamic terrorist there is no greater commitment that can be shown to Allah than to die killing infidels and the insanity of Judge Backus’ decision becomes unfathomable.  

Moreover, Wahhaj is an Islamic terrorist who comes from a family of radical Muslims.  

According to CBS News Siraj Wahhaj “ is the son of a controversial Brooklyn imam who was on a list of people who ‘may be alleged as co-conspirators’ to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to court documents released by prosecutors [a week ago] Wednesday.”

How in the name of justice can this man be released on what is essentially his own recognizance?

The eleven other boys rescued from the compound were malnourished and living in squalor.

How in the name of justice can any of these adults arrested on the compound be released on what is essentially their own recognizance?

But wait, Judge Backus’ decision becomes even more scary.  In releasing them where does the judge think they’ll be living now that their compound they had used as a home was largely destroyed and presumably off-limits.

If, in the aftermath of the totally preventable Parkland massacre, federal authorities can’t convince a state court judge that known jihadists running a school shooting camp to keep these admitted threats to our children incarcerated, then something is terribly amiss.

And suspicious.

Strange enough for you?  Keep reading.

NBC Journalist Gadi Schwartz filed the following video report after federal agents supposedly cleared and left the compound:

WAT??? The property owner visited the site and discovered tunnels, weapons and ammunition that were overlooked, or intentionally left behind, by the FBI.

These events defy any logical conclusion that the FBI and our court system is concerned with the safety of American citizens or our children.

The Conservative Treehouse raised a serious question about the DOJ-CRS division:

The entire story is beyond sketchy, and unfortunately when things get this sketchy in the investigative process we are reminded of the fingerprints of the DOJ-CRS (Dept. of Justice, Community Relations Service).  The CRS is a secret institution within the DOJ Civil Rights Division consisting of very-far-left activists who are allowed to reach into the judiciary and justice system and essentially take over.

What the hell is going on at the FBI and who (and what) are they protecting?