Sodom & Gomorrah: Child Sex Robots Now Being Mass Produced

Elder Patriot – Factories in China and Japan are producing lifelike robots loaded with the artificial intelligence necessary to fulfill their customers’ most extreme sexual perversions.  

Whatever your view of morality may be, or what the potential impact may be on the future male-female interpersonal relationships, there is another, far more unsettling issue that is revealed on a tour of these factories. They are producing childlike toys for… for… well, for pedophiles.

We have been led to believe that pedophilia is limited to a small number of perverts.  The number of dolls being produced puts the lie to that contention.

That fear was confirmed by one factory owner who admitted to being uncomfortable with producing these pedo-dolls but that the demand was too great and the money too good to turn his back on the business.

Today, most of us would agree that pedophilia is a psychosexual mental illness.  The inescapable fact is, the more that society accepts sexual fetishes, the greater the impulse becomes to explored new fetishes, until one day we may accept the sexualization of our children without giving it a second thought.

Sadly, that is already happening in our schools. If you want to learn more here is a story by the Mirror, but be warned the content is disturbing.