Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Caught In Another Huge Lie About The Law & Past Crimes

Elder Patriot – The morning after her stunning victory over high-ranking Democrat Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition.

During the interview it became clear that Ocasio-Cortez had already read and adopted the Democrats’ playbook of distorting history in order to promote her agenda.

During her campaign Ocasio-Cortez had called for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and on Wednesday morning she was asked to expand on that position.

Her answer is troubling to Americans with any sense of history.

What we’re really talking about is re-imagining immigration to be humane.  It wasn’t until about 1999 that we chose to criminalize immigration at all, and then once ICE was established we really kind of militarized that enforcement to a degree that was previously unseen in the United States.”


In the 1920’s Congress moved to control the massive influx of immigrants into the United States following the end of WWI.

In 1921 Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act that began the process of restricting immigration into the United States.   The act “proved in the long run the most important turning-point in American immigration policy” because it added two new features to American immigration law: numerical limits on immigration and the use of a quota system for establishing those limits. These limits came to be known as the National Origins Formula.

By 1924 Congress was again compelled to act.  The Immigration Act of 1924, set quotas on the number of immigrants from certain countries while providing funding and an enforcement mechanism to carry out the new law.

In 1927 Congress further reduced the annual immigration ceiling to 150,000; the quota was revised to 2 percent of each nationality’s representation in the 1920 census. This basic law remained in effect through 1965.

Yeah, read that again.  No change in the basic makeup of our country’s existing demographic.

Finally in 1929 Congress passed the National Origins Act that set an annual immigration ceiling of 150,000 permanently.  Additionally 70 percent of admissions were reserved for those coming from northern and western Europe, while the other 30 percent were reserved for those coming from southern and eastern Europe.

So history teaches us that immigration has been a concern for Americans dating back to the Immigration Act of 1875 that was the first bill to officially exclude certain peoples from entry.

In fact, that great populist Bill Clinton signed multiple immigration bills into law.  The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which made deportation mandatory for all legal permanent residents sentenced to a year or more for “aggravated felonies,” “moral turpitude” or controlled substances. Today Democrats are calling for the restoration of voting rights to these miscreants.

Clinton also signed into law the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 that made deportation of legal non-residents much faster and more frequent by considering increasingly minor criminal offenses automatically deportable.  This act also doubled the U.S. Border Patrol to 10,000 agents over five years and mandated the construction of fences at the most heavily trafficked areas of the U.S.-Mexico border. Congress also approved a pilot program to check the immigration status of job applicants.  That’s now known as e-verify.

But wait, Clinton wasn’t done.  

President Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act that served as a welfare reform bill and cut many social programs and benefits for immigrants. Legal immigrants lost their right to food stamps and Supplemental Security Income (a program for older, blind, and disabled people). Illegal immigrants became ineligible for virtually all federal and state benefits except emergency medical care, immunization programs, and disaster relief.

Clinton still wasn’t done.  Clinton also oversaw the passage of the Human Rights Restoration Act of 1996 that granted political asylum to a maximum of 1,000 people who could prove their home countries forced abortions or sterilizations as a result of population control programs.  But the burden of proof was high and the State Department denied many claims.

Ocasio-Cortez is either lying or a product of the leftists indoctrinaire education system.  Either way, we need less of her ignorance (or lies) and more honesty that blocking entry to non-deserving peoples (as determined by the majority of the American voters or their elected representatives) is a time-tested and sensible policy.