Whoops: NBC Airs Interview W/ Wrong Caravan Migrant, Exposes Asylum Narrative As A Lie, Economic Migration Is Her Motive

The caravan of migrants traveling from Central America to the United States has been the center of discussion in American politics this past week.

A brand new debate over our country’s immigration issue has come from the discovery of the caravan. Now, more than ever, it seems that the liberal narrative about the immigration issue in our country is a lie. These people who are marching towards the US are not victims of terrorism, genocide or oppression, they are largely fleeing for reasons that have nothing to do with seeking asylum.

Liberals who are pushing for open borders and lax immigration policies have claimed time and time again that the United States has some kind of responsibility to allow any and all illegal immigrants past the border.

Conservative Tribune writes, “Highlighting the humanity of the crowd and, of course, focusing on women and children, the establishment media has insisted that the refugees are seeking asylum to escape political oppression, crime, and government persecution.”

It’s starting to seem that this narrative is totally made up.

There have been multiple interviews conducted with migrants traveling in the caravan in which these Central Americans have explained that they are looking for better jobs and a better life in America, not for personal safety and protection, as the left has claimed time and time again. NBC interviewed one migrant who totally destroyed their narrative.

Take a look:

“Among [the caravan] is Karen Aviles,” NBC News reported. “She hopes to reach the U.S. and find work to send money back home.”

The thing is, when other networks have spoken to these illegal migrants, they have given similar answers. Immigrants usually answer the question by explaining that they are looking for better jobs and to make more money. The answer that is rarely given is that they are looking to escape political persecution… on top of that, they admit that they’re bringing their kids with them in order to get into the states. It’s all a strategy.

“Most migrants said they were aware that jobs were plentiful in the United States, and many said they believed that having a child accompany them might help them avoid long-term detention,”  The New York Times wrote in a report last week.

“Asked why they had come north, one man after another said ‘trabajo’ — work — in construction, restaurants, landscaping or cleaning,” the report went on.

The report also included quotes from migrants in which they explained that it was all about the money.

Under United States law, however, money and jobs is not a valid reason to seek asylum.

“Though members of the migrant caravan have been portrayed by the establishment media as ‘asylum-seekers,’ fleeing drug-fueled communities and looking for work are not grounds for asylum in the U.S.,” Breitbart News reports.

The U.S. government’s official application does include valid reasons to seek asylum. Finding a “better job” didn’t make the list.

Conservative Tribune reports, “Asylum is actually limited to cases of persecution over an individual’s religion, identity, and views, or torture and atrocities being carried out by a government.”

“An asylum seeker is an individual who meets the international definition of refugee – a person with well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution,” writes The National Immigration Forum.

The liberal narrative that these migrants are coming to America to seek asylum is total B.S. They are coming here to make money and Democrats are trying to help them get in because they want them to vote blue. This is why it’s more important now than it has ever been for our country’s immigration policies to be made stronger and our border wall to be built.

To be clear, we are not saying there are no legitimate asylum claims among the caravan  We are saying that the more we hear from the people marching in the caravan the more it becomes clear that many of the people in the march are looking to skip the line made up of other economic migrants seeking to enter the US legally.  This just is not fair nor sustainable.

America is a nation of immigrants and it is important that we remember this.  Our parents and grandparents emigrated legally through Ellis Island and other ports.  America has a legal process to emigrate and become a citizen, as we should.  We are not against people coming to America, especially if they want to work hard and build a better lives for their families.  All we ask is that they do it legally.

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