SIGN: Petition Demanding Fox News Not Cave into Hogg’s Pressure & Keep Laura Ingraham

Kirsters Baish| There is a new petition on the StandUnited platform, and you’re going to want to consider signing it. The petition was created in order to demand Fox News keep Conservative host Laura Ingraham and not cave into the demands of the far-left, anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg and his totalitarian demands.

The petition reads:

To Fox News:

Anti-gun activist and liberal media darling David Hogg is trying to destroy the career of conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham simply because she shared an article on Twitter that was critical of him.

David Hogg is not a child and wants to be taken seriously as an activist, yet hides behind the “adults should not be attacking children” argument when his points of view are challenged. 

At least 12 sponsors of Laura’s show have already caved to Hogg’s demands, despite the fact Laura has already apologized to David.

It is of utmost importance that Fox News does NOT cave to David Hogg and keeps Laura Ingraham regardless of whether some of her sponsors need to be replaced with new sponsors or not. 

To lose Laura Ingraham on Fox because of David Hogg would be a catastrophic precedent for America.

The petition brings up a very important point. Hogg has continually claimed that he is an adult/policy expert and should be treated as such, but when being an adult is too hard, he retreats and tries to hide behind his age. If sponsors keep pulling their advertisements from Ingraham’s show, Fox News will cave and give her the boot. If you want to support the petition to have Fox News keep Laura Ingraham, please sign the  petition, there is a link at the bottom of this article.
If we have any hope of stopping the left from getting away with this kind of ridiculousness we have to fight back by supporting Laura Ingraham. Signing the petition isn’t the only way you can help. We have included a complete list of the companies who have succumbed to the demands of David Hogg and his liberal friends and have pulled their ads.
Reach out to these companies and let them know that they shouldn’t have left Laura. Boycott them for leaving Laura unless they go back to her. We cannot support companies who don’t support free speech.
Here is the list of companies to reach out to and/or boycott:

Wayfair: Twitter, Facebook, 1-844-347-0513

TripAdvisorTwitter, Facebook 1(781) 800-5000

ExpediaTwitter, Facebook, 1-800-319-4834

NestleTwitter, Facebook, 1 (800) 225-2270

Jos A BankTwitter, Facebook, 1-800-285-2265

HuluTwitter, Facebook, 1 (888) 265-6650

Johnson & JohnsonTwitter, Facebook, 1 (800) 526-3967

Stitch FixTwitter, Facebook

Rachel Ray’s NutrishTwitter,Facebook,  1 (800) 219-2558

You can sign the petition to save Laura Ingraham’s job here.  Remember, if we do not hang together … We’ll hang separate.