Sickening New Revelations About What Whoopi Goldberg To Judge Pirro After Cameras Shut Off Emerge: Washed Up Actress Allegedly Spit On The Judge

Kirsters Baish| Earlier in the week, liberal Hollywood personality Whoopi Goldberg came unhinged when she angrily attacked Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro on “The View.” Pirro is a known Trump supporter, and an obvious Conservative. She explained to Goldberg that she must have “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which really set her off. Her response was to viciously come at Pirro, screaming and belittling her. All Whoopi was successful in doing was proving Pirro’s point.

Take a look for yourself:

We have learned that things heated up even more once the cameras were off. Judge Pirro has now claimed that Whoopi Goldberg is guilty of having spit on her in order to drive her out of the ABC building… all because she had offered cold hard facts about our country’s current immigration system.

The Daily Wire reports that Pirro explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity after the matter, “I’m still reeling from it to be honest with you. I went on thinking that we would have a discussion about the book. The truth is, that it was an attack on Donald Trump, and then on me. I sat there as Whoopi Goldberg pontificated about how horrible Donald Trump was and at one point I said ‘you know I’m here to talk about the book’ and then she went ballistic – ended the segment.”