Shocking Brawl at President Trump’s Hollywood Blvd. Star Caught on Camera

Kirsters Baish| A huge fight erupted at President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Thursday evening. It all started when a youth pastor and a YouTuber decided to wear “full MAGA gear” in order to see how the public treated those who openly support the President.

Needless to say, things didn’t end well.

Trump supporter/musician Joy Villa joined YouTuber Elijah Schaffer in order to conduct the social experiment. While Schaffer is a supporter of Trump, he calls his YouTube channel “centrist.”

Villa and Schaffer braved the liberal streets of Hollywood to see what life is like for someone who openly supports Trump. They made their way to Trump’s recently-vandalized star and began handing out photos of Trump on Thursday. While they were conducting the experiment, a man came up to them and started harassing them for being white. He called Villa a “n*gga.” Things started heating up when the man started getting the crowd that had started to form to chant “f*** Trump.”

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Schaffer, who stated that the man left, but reappeared with friends. One of the men was carrying a knife.

“They attacked my guard Tony Hoffman and started hitting my camera crew and myself,” Schaffer stated. That wasn’t all. The men stole Schaffer’s $3,000 camera.

After the assault, the angry mob started yelling “f-ck Donald Trump” again. As this was happening, people from Schaffer’s crew were left injured on the sidewalk.

“We were doing a social experiment to see how one would be treated as an open Trump supporter,” Schaffer explained to The Gateway Pundit. “It turns out that it’s not very safe to be one.”

The police did find the group’s vehicle and found the attacker. Schaffer stated that he found his attacker on social media. He has agreed to drop all charges if the man would appear on a show to talk about what went down.

“Your son and his friend assaulted my crew and are facing serious charges from the LAPD, including armed assault and armed robbery because they stole my $3,000 camera. They are also facing potential hate crime charges for calling my crew the N word and pointing out my security was white before assaulting him. We have serious lawyers in place and willing to push the full extent of the law. However, as his mother I know that you don’t want your boy to get slammed with 15 years in prison for one stupid night. We are willing to drop the charges which are already filed if he agrees to come on our talk show and discuss what happened. Please let me know if he is interested,” Schaffer’s message to the man’s mother read. You can watch the video HERE.