She’s Coming Back: “I Almost Already Accepted” Roseanne Barr Reveals Her Plans To Return To TV

Kirsters Baish| It was hard to watch ABC network fire actress/comedienne Roseanne Barr from the revival of “Roseanne,” after she sent out an inappropriate tweet about Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett after allowing liberal actors to make inappropriate comments for years.

Liberals are allowed to compare President Trump to Adolf Hitler. They call conservatives white supremacists. They can pretty much get away with whatever they please. Once someone who supports President Trump says something they don’t like, however, they lose their minds.

As Roseanne explains, she was not even aware that former Obama senior adviser was African American. Barr also claimed that Jarrett’s race had nothing to do with her joke, which made sense since Barr had never made a racist comment in her entire Hollywood career. All rationalization aside, ABC decided to fire Barr, and they have now made the decision to bring the show back, minus their front woman. The new show will be about the Conner family, but Roseanne won’t be a part of it.

No matter, however. Barr’s career might be making a big comeback that no one saw coming. Barr explains that she has more than one offer on the table when it comes to beginning on a new television program.

From BizPac Review:

Amid reports that ABC is going ahead with a spinoff of “Roseanne” without the hit show’s namesake, Roseanne Barr, the embattled comedian said in a recent interview that she has received offers to return to television.

Barr told friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in a new podcast she is “very excited” over an offer that she is now considering.

“Inside every bad thing is a good thing waiting to happen,” Barr told Rabbi Boteach. “And I feel very excited because I have already been offered so many things and I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it.”

“But we’ll see,” she added.

Take a look at the Fox News report from last week on a recent interview with Barr:

This woman was made for television, and one dumb comment won’t keep her away. It’s only a matter of time before she’s back on the air.