Shameful: Now Why Know Exactly Why Obama Chose Clapper As His DNI

Elder Patriot – When you plan on using the powers granted to you as president to ride roughshod over the rights of the American people you need a Director of National Intelligence who will lie for you.  And, as we’ve learned over the term of his office, and since then too, James Clapper is a liar, a megalomaniacal liar.

There was no abuse of power that Clapper didn’t view as off limits.

Clapper infamously lied to Democratic Senator Ron Wyden – at a time when Democrats actually gave a damn about illegal surveillance – when he was asked about whether he was aware of metadata collection of the personal information of millions of American citizens.  Thanks to Edward Snowden we know he perjured himself when he answered “no.”

A January 2016 Report by the NSA Inspector General actually warns that the massive amount of metadata that was under management was beyond their control.  The IG said that the NSA had lost control of the vast amount of data being used, searched, and queried, as well as how the information within it is being filtered, minimized or extracted.

  NSA IG Report January 7 – 2016 by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

The NSA essentially admitted to being overwhelmed by the scale of the data being collected, and similarly overwhelmed by the number of people who had access to the data at that time.

And Clapper lied through his teeth to the United States Senate about it.  Of particular importance was the lack of control over outside contractors who had been granted access to this data, as we come to learn.

Sundance from the Conservative Treehouse points out:

The FBI and NSA database is essentially a vault of unlimited information; the mother lode of metadata and electronic record keeping of everything – essentially the Holy Grail for political operatives who would like to exploit and leverage the information.

Do you want to conduct opposition research?  Those databases would contain such exhaustive amounts of information you could assign a dozen users per target and still not scratch the surface of what is available.  Bank records, purchases, social media accounts, phone records, GPS locations, travel patterns, vehicle locations, home/work ip addresses, emails, audio-activation, pictures, CCTV captures, the works.


“Through electronic surveillance you could spy and surveil anyone; in real time if focused, motivated and intended. What stands between this massive surveillance system being used/abused for those political purposes or not?”

And this is where Clinton’s contractors – Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele – would be able to invade the privacy of the Trump campaign and Trump Tower.

Then there was this Clapper whopper from March 5, 2017:

Finally there was this assertion from DNI Clapper on June 7, 2016 claim:

“I have to say, though, that I think when you compare the two, that Watergate pales really in my view compared to what we’re confronting now.”

Finally, he told the truth.