They Went Too Far: Liberal “Reporter” Says Kavanaugh’s Daughter ‘Fair Game’ After Sick Cartoon Published

Liberal journalist Gersh Kuntzman claims to have PTSD after firing an AR-15 for the first time. He stated, “It felt to me like a bazooka, and it sounded like a cannon.” He stated that along with the psychological damage caused by firing the gun, he suffered from bruising on his shoulder from the recoil. It seems that just firing a few rounds from a rifle is enough to break a man like Kuntzman who stated after the fact,“it doesn’t take any imagination to see dozens of bodies falling in front of your barrel.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

AR-15 rifles are most commonly seen in either .223 and 5.56, with both calibers being similar to each other in size and performance. Compared to other cartridge sizes, these two are on the smaller end of the scale. The low recoil and ease of use is why the AR-15 is a favorite for young shooters after they master firearm basics on a .22 rifle.

So, the guy isn’t a fan of AR-15s, and he thinks they’re a problem for society. He’s entitled to his opinion. But, that’s not all Kuntzman had to say. The man who claimed to have “a temporary form of PTSD” due to the loud gunshot, actually called Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s 10-year-old daughter “fair game.

The creep wrote on Twitter, “Kavanaugh his used daughter’s nightly prayer in his opening statement. As such, fair game. Sorry.”

Conservative Tribune writes of the Twitter post, “Kuntzman gave the green light after a controversial political cartoon skewered the child. In the cartoon, the prayers of Kavanaugh’s young daughter are mocked.”

The man who drew the illustration, Chris Britt, justified the disgusting piece of “artwork” saying, “Kavanaugh is the one who ushered his own daughter into the national conversation by telling us his story.”

While Judge Kavanaugh did mention his daughter’s nightly prayers in his emotional testimony, he did so in an attempt to show the liberal left what they are doing to his innocent family with their sick accusations. Of course, they used it as another platform to attack him.

As sad as it is, it really isn’t that much of a surprise that the left is willing to attack children since they are so willing to take the life of unborn babies. The Democratic Party is falling apart, and it’s people like Gersh Kuntzman who are sinking the ship. He should be ashamed of himself for attacking an innocent child, just as Peter Fonda should be ashamed of himself for attacking Barron Trump earlier this year.