Tolerant Left Threatens Republican Candidate: “We Will Rape You For Days” – “Open Season For Republican Death”

A female Republican candidate running for Vermont state legislature named Deserae Morin has announced on social media this week that she has received her first death threat.

She posted an image of the cut and paste letter, which contains graphic language. It reads, “C*nt, we are hunting you.

My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. First, we will rape you for days. You will scream and know that agonizing horror.

No equal rights for republicans. Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont. Fear our revolution. AA. It’s time”

The left who claims to “Believe All Women” didn’t waste any time commenting on Morin’s post, claiming that she forged the letter for attention… and these are supposed to be the same people who believed Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s 36-year-old sexual assault story, which had far too many holes to count.

Take a look at the responses from the “sympathetic” and “tolerant” left:

How ironic that the left, who has been campaigning the #BelieveAllWomen hashtag on Twitter, have decided to claim that this female candidate is lying… just because her political views are different than theirs. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, and unfortunately this is what the Democratic Party has become. They “believe all women” when “all women” are liberals with the same ideologies and beliefs as theirs. When “all women” turns to “Republican women,” their tune changes significantly.

In the meantime, a mother of two is receiving death threats from angry liberals. How tolerant is that?

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