Senior Officials Now Confirming Evidence of Russian Collusion: Dossier Far Worse Than Watergate

Elder Patriot – Last October we learned that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had laundered millions of dollars through the law firm Perkin’s Coie to hide payments to Fusion GPS for providing proof collusion and incriminating evidence between Donald Trump and Russia.

The resulting “dossier” has been in the possession of the FBI, hand-delivered by an aide to Senator John McCain, for more than a year.  We are still waiting for the FBI to confirm even a single allegation contained in the document’s 35-pages.

We can be fairly certain that’s because not a single word of it has been proven to be true.  Otherwise, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s camp, Adam Schiff (the ranking Democrat on the committee investigating alleged collusion), or any number of other left wing political hacks somehow privy to classified information would’ve already leaked what they know by now.

They have all breathlessly taken to microphones over the past year and a half to report innuendo and outright lies even when they knew that’s what they were doing.

After a year of working to destroy the candidacy and then the presidency of Donald Trump, his enemies have been exposed for relying on the dossier of which a large portion has either been proven wrong or still remains unsubstantiated.

Unsubstantiated is another way of saying no one wants to take the chance of investigating it only to find out that they have absolutely nothing with which to justify Mueller’s with-hunt and to cover for the Obama administration’s wanton disregard for the Constitution.

Speaking of nothing, we now know that is exactly what triggered the call for a special counsel in the first place – nothing, unless innuendo is now the basis for investigating the president… or any other citizen.  The fact that we do not open investigations without evidence of a crime has been what set us apart from Stalinist Russia, the East German Stasi, and the KGB.

Considering the massive amount of evidence that their three decades in Washington has turned up against the Clintons without the appointment of any special counsels the current inquest into Trump and his associates turns our Constitutional protections on its ear. 

Given the gross violations of President Trump’s constitutional protections why does it not surprise anyone that Democrats are behind it?  The Constitution has always been an impediment to them.  Former President Barack Obama went on record in a 2001 radio interview complaining that the Constitution as a “Charter of Negative Liberties” from which we must “break free.” 

And that’s exactly what Obama did when he decided that Donald Trump could not become president lest he undo Obama’s eight years of Constitutional violations.

Obama’s final gift to Americans who rejected his policies and elected Donald Trump was violating the rules of evidence for obtaining a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, (FISC) by presenting the sham dossier as the key piece of evidence to the judge. 

It has already been established that the Clinton campaign wasn’t the lone entity laundering money through Perkins Coie.  Payments from the Hillary-controlled DNC and from Obama’s campaign funds also found its way to Perkins Coie.

This can no longer be dismissed as bogus news reported by some alt-right conspiracy theorist’s website.

A senior U.S. official has now confirmed that “(the dossier) certainly played a role in obtaining the warrant.” 

The official added that, “Congress needs to look at the FBI officials who were handling this case and see what, if anything, was verified in the dossier. I think an important question is whether the FBI paid anything to the source for the dossier.”

The official wasn’t alone in revealing this.  Multiple sources, with similar credentials, also said that significant information would be forthcoming during the next week proving systemic “FISA abuse” by Obama’s DOJ.

The fact that it was only this past Friday that members of the House Intelligence Committee were first able to review the FBI and DOJ documents that were requested last August by Chairman Devin Nunes, stands as proof that evidence was being hidden.  The wheels of justice may turn slowly but 5 months to produce evidence in a case of this importance is obstruction.

All of this is significantly more damning than the Watergate scandal for one major reason.  Following proof that President Nixon violated the law his party sent Howard Baker, the ranking member of the Senate Watergate Committee down Pennsylvania Avenue to ask Nixon to resign, which the president did.

Today, despite considerably greater evidence of extensively broader and more critical violations of the Constitution not a single Democrat would do the same thing.

If, as leftists are wont to say, the Watergate scandal created a “constitutional crisis” then what we have now is a Constitutional Holocaust.”