Senator Susan Collins Exposes Liberal “Bribe” to Vote Against Brett Kavanaugh

Kirsters Baish| After last week’s eventful confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Republican Maine Senator Susan Collins claimed that liberal activists are trying to “bribe” her in order to get to her swing her vote against Kavanaugh. She went on to say that they have put together a fundraising campaign which will only be followed through on if she succumbs to their demand to vote against Kavanaugh.

Collins is extremely upset by the “bribe.”

It was reported by Newsmax that a liberal organization called Mainers for Accountable Leadership, has paired up with another liberal group named the Maine People’s Alliance in order to put together a fundraising campaign in order to oppose Senator Collins in the upcoming 2020 election, where she will be running to be re-elected, if she backs confirming the nominee.

Western Journal reports that donors’ credit cards will be charged if they donate against Senator Collins, only if she decides to vote in favor of Kavanaugh. That sounds an awful lot like a bribe to me. The money won’t be used against Collins if she decides against supporting the nominee.

Collins explained to Newsmax that these leftists are trying to bribe her in order to buy her vote.

“I consider this quid pro quo fundraising to be the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me to vote against Judge Kavanaugh,” the Senator said in a statement to the news outlet.

She continued, “If I vote against him, the money is refunded to the donors. If I vote for him, the money is given to my opponent for the 2020 race.” allowed potential donors to make donations toward the bribe. The headline reads, “Either Sen. Collins VOTES NO on Kavanaugh OR we fund her future opponent.”

It is made clear on the webpage that the money will only be collected and used for an opponent for Collins if she votes in favor of Kavanaugh.

As of Monday night, the bribe campaign had raised over $1 million toward its $1,302,388 goal. There have been some experts, like Republican elections attorney Cleta Mitchell of Foley & Lardner, who explained to Newsmax that the legality of the whole thing is questionable.

“It is certainly raising the specter of whether or not this violates the United States criminal code to prohibitions against attempted bribery, by linking official actions to monetary reward,” Mitchell explained.

“This effort will not influence my vote at all,” she claimed to Newsmax.

The fundraising attempt has the potential to backfire.

“I think it demonstrates the new lows to which the judge’s opponents have stooped,” Collins said.

The fact that the left needs to bribe Collins to vote against Kavanaugh proves that there really isn’t much to oppose him for.