Senate Intel Committee Chairman Throws Brennan Under The Bus, Either He Breached Security or Lied In ICA

Elder Patriot – It’s hard to decipher the reasons why Richard Burr, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence chairman decided to go public with the following statement but whatever the reason it signals a seismic crack in the Deep State’s unified front against President Trump.

The SSCI is the most corrupt committee in either house of Congress.  It’s where all allegations and charges against sitting congressmen, senators, and appointed officials who do the Deep State’s bidding, and are caught in wrongdoing of any kind, go to die.  

For his part, Burr has remained muted while the ranking Democrat on the committee, Mark Warner, ran wild trying to pin something on President Trump.  

Three weeks ago, as it became clear that the growing mountain of evidence proving that the FISC was lied to on four separate occasions, and unlawful surveillance of innocent American citizens took place, we reported that there where signals that those aligned against President “Drain the Swamp” Trump recognized that their situation was becoming desperate.

They found themselves wed to their lies because President Trump had left them with nowhere to pivot.

Now, with the release of today’s statement, there is reason to believe that Richard Burr has indeed pivoted, perhaps under pressure from his constituents and senior Republicans like Charles Grassley, or perhaps simply in an attempt to save his own skin.

Whatever Burr’s reasons are for throwing Brennan under the bus, this effectively creates a major fissure in the Deep State’s war against Donald Trump.