Sean Hannity Puts Traitors On Notice: The “Deep State” Should Be Very Worried

Kirsters Baish| Sean Hannity presented his opening monologue on his show “Hannity” on Tuesday evening. During his opening statements, Hannity stated that “Deep State” officials “should be very worried.” He explained that the House Judiciary Committee is ready to come up with subpoenas in order to review every single document that is related to the joke of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Hannity began to speak about former FBI Director James Comey, warning that he should be very concerned for what is to come. Hannity explained, “Mr. Deep state himself, James Comey, and other corrupt government officials, they should be very worried tonight. The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte is prepared to issue a subpoena for documents that the DOJ has about the corrupt FBI Clinton email investigation.”

The Fox News host then went on to explain that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is to partly to blame for his power hungry ways.

“This is significant because Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is doing everything in his power to not let the public, not let Devin Nunes and the House Intel Committee have access to this information,” he went on.

“The DOJ’s been stonewalling congressional oversight every single step of the way. Why is that?” questioned Sean. “It’s because the fix was in. That the investigation was rigged […] Is there a smoking gun? Is there evidence they don’t want you to see?”

“All of this is why we need a second special counsel. These people cannot investigate themselves,” he added.

Watch the whole thing in the video below.

I’m sure the left is going to flip over Hannity’s statements, but the truth is that those involved with the Deep State should be very worried. They cannot sustain such a high level of corruption for much longer before they are entirely destroyed for good.