Sean Hannity Lets A Secret Slip … The False Russia Narrative Is About To Be Blown Out of the Water By Something Huge

Kirsters Baish| Longtime Fox News host and Conservative personality Sean Hannity had a special guest on Thursday’s show, author and radio/television host Mark Levin. The two spoke about the most recent developments in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s infamous Trump-Russia investigation.

Hannity finished off the segment by issuing a specific warning to the corrupt Deep State in Washington. He warned that something huge is coming, and it’s going to blow the ridiculous Russia investigation right “out of the water.”

Take a look at what went down on the show:

Hannity started off by saying, “Mark, you know when I say ‘Tic-Toc’? Something big is coming that will blow this all out of the water.”

Hannity was very clear in his opening statement, explaining that the Manafort trial has nothing to do with allegations of Russian collusion whatsoever. Manafort is being slapping with allegations of tax evasion and money laundering, but the charges date back to 2005-2007. Clearly this had nothing to do with the Trump campaign since it was more than a decade prior. Hannity bashed “Fake News CNN” and the rest of the mainstream media for their nonstop news coverage of the Manafort trial, comparing it to the hype of the infamous OJ Simpson trial. Hannity also explained that Manafort’s charges/trial have “nothing to do” with President Donald Trump or allegations of Russian collusion.

“If you tuned into Fake News CNN you’d think this was the trial of the century, OJ Simpson all over again. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort now facing charges over an alleged tax evasion and money laundering dating back to 2005 and 2007,” Hannity began.

“These charges have nothing to do at all with the President. These charges have nothing to do with Russian collusion. I’ll be shocked if Russia is mentioned once in this trial. The mainstream media is on high-alert for the smoking gun against Donald Trump,” he continued.

There you have it; the Manafort trial really has nothing to do with President Trump or the ridiculous investigation into allegations of Russian collusion. Liberals aren’t going to be happy about Hannity dropping such a major truth bomb, but clearly some people are confused and needed clarifying.