Mitch McConnell Goes Nuclear Files Cloture to End Kavanaugh Debate, Circus Over – Schedules Confirmation Vote for Saturday

It has been reported by the Gateway Pundit that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has filed a cloture in order to officially bring the Kavanaugh debate to a close. McConnell filed the cloture on Wednesday evening.

The Senate Majority Leader announced on the Senate Floor this Wednesday evening that he is going forward with his plan of scheduling a confirmation vote for Kavanaugh on Saturday.

McConnell stated that Senators will have ample time in order to look over the report produced by the FBI on the Supreme Court nominee. He also wants to “commit to his end of week vote,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

Only Senators and a select few aides will have access to reviewing the FBI report starting Thursday morning, as reported by Fox News.

Chad Pergram wrote on Twitter, “McConnell files cloture to end debate on Kavanaugh nomination. Sets up Friday procedural vote & prospective Saturday confirmation vote.”

Then, he gave a little foreshadowing into what the next two days will bring. Pergram wrote, “Process to confirm Kavanaugh 2) Thursday: By rule, a ‘cloture petition,’ the parliamentary mechanism to end debate in the Senate, must lay over untouched for an entire day before it ‘ripens’ and is ready for a procedural vote. Thursday serves as the layover day.”

Then, he wrote, “Process to confirm Kavanaugh 3) By rule, the cloture petition to halt debate ‘ripens’ one hour after the Senate meets. This requires 51 votes. If the Senate votes to ‘invoke cloture’ or limit debate, opponents of the nomination then get 30 hours to run out the string.”

McConnell is following through on his promise to “plow through” the Democrats’ antics and get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed onto the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, earlier in the day, McConnell told Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer how it is by denying his request to allow all Senators to be briefed on the FBI’s findings on the nominee.

“And in all candor, I believe it would be used to further delay this nomination–a goal about which you and your Democratic colleagues have been abundantly clear and single-minded in pursuing,” Mitch McConnell wrote to Chuck Schumer.

Take a look at McConnell on the Senate Floor: