Tucker Carlson Just Exposed Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti For Who Her Really Is

Kirsters Baish| For months, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been trying to get “creepy porn lawyer” to Trump accuser/porn star Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, to make an appearance on his show for an interview. This week, Avenatti agreed and the show finally happened. At first, the Fox host attempted to take Avenatti seriously. He noted that the lawyer is “basically” running for president and making constant comments on political issues.

Carlson couldn’t take Avenatti seriously for very long, however, as the guest seemed to cop an attitude from the start of the interview.

Take a look at a clip of the segment below:

FOX News Insider reported that Carlson “debated” Avenatti on live television when the lawyer appeared on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show this past Thursday evening after weeks of taking shots back and forth at one another off-camera.

Fox News Insider says:

Carlson asked Avenatti, whom he’s often called the “Creepy Porn Lawyer,” about his presidential ambitions, after Avenatti spoke at a rally after President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin.

Carlson said that Avenatti was engaging in “reckless rhetoric” and accusing Russia of “an act of war” in its alleged meddling in American elections, when Avenatti compared the allegations to posting Russian troops on its American border.

Avenatti said that the accusation was “ironic.” He claimed that Carlson is the one who uses “reckless” political rhetoric.

Carlson politely disagreed with Avenatti. Then he went on to say that Avenatti was guilty of recklessly “exploiting” his client, Stormy Daniels.

“You’re exploiting her and you know that,” Carlson claimed.

Avenatti, noticeably heated, shot back, “Sir, this is absurd. Why don’t you call Trump the ‘creepy porn president’?”

“I think you demean her repeatedly and I think you’re a hypocrite,” Avenatti insisted.

The Fox News host said that Avenatti has been raking in the profits from Daniels’ case as a porn star trying to sue President Trump.

Here is the full interview: