Schumer Caves – Abandons DACA Demand – Ends Shutdown

Elder Patriot -For those who have convinced themselves that President Trump is a dunce who doesn’t have a clue how to get things done the following news will shock them to their core.

It appears that Trump got everything he wanted – a continuing resolution to fund the government – while Senate Minority Leader Schumer and the Dems got zip, zero, and nada.

And, here’s the shocking part, the vote was 81-18 to end cloture and move to a vote that Schumer has agreed to provide the votes to pass though likely not with as much bi-partisan support as the vote to end cloture received.  It’s all political posturing and face-saving from here. 

Schumer caved after being pelted by his fellow Democrat senators who were getting crushed back home for promoting the rights of illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty without any givebacks by his side.  In shutting down the government Schumer and the Dems put their support of DACA recipients ahead of paying of our military personnel – including those put in war zones by a Democratic president.

They were also facing their worst nightmare – another ad from Trump detailing how the Dems were reusing to fund the military that they had overseen the depletion of to pre-WWI preparedness levels under Obama.

Trump had already rocked the Dems with the release of this ad over the weekend:

It appears that Schumer is employing the Obama strategy of drawing lines in the sand that he knows he’s not prepared to defend.  In making the announcement that he had folded like a cheap suit, Schumer resorted to drawing another line that he can’t defend when he said, “The Republican majority now has 17 days to prevent the Dreamers from being deported.”

The fact is that’s another artificial deadline and it comes after President Trump delivers his State of the Union speech that he’ll use to lay out his immigration plan – not just his plans for DACA – to the people without the filter of the mainstream media matrix.

Trump refused to fold like previous Republican presidents. And despite negative comments from a number of GOP senators over the weekend – notably Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell – he knew he was holding a winning hand.

Trump was proven right when Susan Collins – a moderate to liberal Republican – put a stop to Schumer’s pointed diatribe against the president when she rose and politely asked Schumer to “Please stop.”

Finally Senate Majority Leader McConnell confirmed that Trump had successfully called Schumer’s bluff when he addressed the Senate before the vote:

“If we learned anything during this process, it’s that a strategy to shut down the federal government over the issue of illegal immigration is something the American people did not understand.”  That was McConnell’s polite way of saying Americans weren’t buying what Schumer was laying down.

“They’ve got no exit strategy.  They have no plan. You really need to ask yourself how does this end, and they really can’t answer that question. They can’t get what they want. They’ve taken a hostage they can’t shoot.”

Majority Whip John Cornyn was more concise when he said:

“I think people realize this is really a dumb move.”

Meanwhile immigrants’ rights groups encourage Democrats to die on this hill with future votes.  One such leader, Frank Sharry, said, “It’s really important Democrats continue to show the backbone they’ve shown to date to ensure this high-stakes move results in bipartisan breakthroughs,” 

President Trump – the low IQ, knuckle dragging, Neanderthal – has taken Chuck Schumer and the Dems to the woodshed and given them a beat down they’d like to forget.

President Trump had expressed his willingness to protect DACA recipients with amnesty but he demanded border security in return – something Americans can wrap their heads around. 

Schumer believed he could snooker Trump like a previous Democratic Congress snookered President Reagan into granting amnesty with a false promise to get to security issues separately. 

Thirty years later we’re still waiting for even the slightest improvement in border security despite the threat of terrorism that has grown in the interim.

Schumer remained unwilling to negotiate on anything other than a standalone DACA bill.  And, like a petulant child with too much power, he shut the government down.

Trump made him pay a steep political price that becomes even more costly the closer to the midterm elections we get.