This School Will Not Be Next Target — And It’s Easy to See Why

Kirsters Baish| We have learned some important facts from past mass shootings. These facts can actually prevent shootings from happening. One major fact about mass shootings is that almost every single one if stopped by a law-abiding American citizen with a gun. Many of the mass shootings that take place in our country happen in places that guns are prohibited. This leaves us wondering why school faculty members aren’t armed so that they are able to protect themselves and their students. The concept is fairly simple, don’t you think?

The left doesn’t seem to understand at all. They want us to think that restricting access to guns and enforcing stronger gun control laws are the answers to all our questions. The truth is that criminals will never abide by the law. They are criminals.

BizPac Review reported that with all the hysteria about gun control after another mass shooting, one school in New Mexico has taken matters into their own hands in order to protect their students and faculty. 

This school won’t likely be the next location of a school shooting as they have armed faculty. Many teachers at the parochial school carry guns, The principal and the head of security are packing heat as well.

There’s more. Inside Edition reported that one parochial school in New Mexico has allowed many of the teachers to carry firearms as a precaution. One pastor at the school has a .45 in a case that looks like a Bible to disguise it. The principal of the school is also armed when he walks the halls. He has a .38 semi-automatic pistol. 

Students have explained that they feel much safer now that the adults in the school have the means to protect them should a school shooter enter the building. Bill Stanton, a safety and security expert, has explained that trained dogs could be assigned to schools in order to take down shooters.

Stanton has explained that fear sometimes keeps shooters from firing on a canine. He explained, “The first thing you think of is fear. That is all you need to buy that time to get those kids in a safe space or to evacuate completely.”

American News Central reported:

Responsible gun owners protecting our kids. Why not? Why not treat schools like we treat banks or sporting events? No one is happy about the fact that these attacks are happening. However, that doesn’t mean we should overreact.

There’s no debate about the fact that good guys with a gun are the best way to stop bad guys with a gun.

Fox News recalled that in 2014, he FBI reported that there was only one time between 2000 and 2013 that a concealed handgun permit holder stopped a shooting. This occurrence was in Winnemucca, Nevada back in May of 2008. A customer with a gun permit shot and killed an attacker who had just murdered two people. The FBI didn’t include the 2007 church shooting in Colorado Springs during which a killer had already killed two innocent victims in the church when a permit holder stopped the attacker.

This fake claim by the FBI shows just how politicized the whole organization became during the Obama administration.

Fox News reported:

Many times, police, sheriffs, and prosecutors have gone on the record and credited permit holders with saving many lives.  These attacks didn’t get national news attention, but they would have been on front pages everywhere if a permit holder hadn’t intervened.

There are countless examples of people using guns in self-defense at their homes or workplaces.  But I want to focus on a much narrower set of cases where permit holders stopped public shootings.  

The facts speak for themselves.