Reporter Screams at Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Basically Accused Trump of Treason… Then All Hell Breaks Loose

Kirsters Baish| It was reported that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was showered with questions yesterday about President Donald Trump’s comment in which he called special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.” The first question came from a reporter from NBC, Hallie Jackson. Then, Brian Karem engaged Sanders in an intense exchange about the comment.

Jackson acted like a child, screaming her question at Sanders until Sarah paid attention to her. Jackson claimed to be shocked that President Trump would call Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt.” Sanders had something to say to Jackson, however.

We’ve seen Sarah Huckabee Sanders crush reporters in the past when they have made ridiculous comments about President Trump, but this one was one for the history books. Sanders stated, “We’ve spoken about this at length, ad nauseam, and frankly think that its a big distraction that the media has spent every single day for the last year focused on this instead of some of the biggest issues of our day, and some of the biggest issues that the president is dealing with… that’s what you guys should be spending a little bit more time”

Then, Brian Karem, a Playboy reporter, had a strange question for our White House Press Secretary. He seemed to be questioning whether President Trump was somehow secretly behind the entire investigation when it came to his “involvement” with the 13 indicted Russians. Sarah had a response for him too. She stated, “Just because there may have been involvement by Russia doesn’t mean there was involvement by the Trump campaign and to try and conflate the two is insane… We’ve been outspoken on a number of occasions that Russia was involved in election meddling and we’ve taken action because of that but that has nothing to do with whether or not the President and his campaign had anything to do with that.”

Google defines Treason as :”the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”  Accusing President Trump of  working with a foreign power to defraud the American people and install him as President, a President who does not have the best interests of the nation in their hearts, would be treason.

Sanders was moving on from the conversation when the liberal reporters began screaming over one another to get her attention. Sarah shook her head and reportedly said “It’s crazy in here today.”

This wasn’t the first time that Sarah put the hammer down on Hallie, however. Take a look at the video below: