Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leaves Reporters Speechless After One Asks Why Trump “Chickened Out” Against NRA

Kirsters Baish| White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got up on stage to conduct Monday’s press briefing and was slammed with questions regarding President Donald Trump’s new school safety plan. Trump’s plan places a focus on school security and making it easier for any obvious mental health cases to be shared with law enforcement.

It was obvious that President Trump wasn’t about to give into the wants of the left and take away all guns from all Americans, essentially eliminating the Second Amendment. Reporters were furious that Trump wasn’t planning on enacting massive gun control, and they let Sanders know how they felt.

One liberal reporter questioned Sanders as to why President Trump is “chickening out” against the NRA. His question implied that President Trump was in some way backing down to the National Rifle Association. It only took a second for Sanders to answer his question, shutting him down for good.

The reporter questioned Sanders, Based on the plan last night, it seems like President Trump is the one petrified of the NRA because he backed away from some of the ideas that he brought into the discussion and i’m asking why he chickened, why he didn’t go forward with what he proposed earlier.”

Sanders was quick to point out that Trump has been meeting with people from both sides and has used his own common sense in his approach. He has decided to do the things that everyone is agreeing on first. She then pointed out that former President Barack Obama didn’t do anything for school safety during his time in office. He didn’t even do anything after the multiple school shootings that took place during his two terms. All he did was cry during press conferences to try to gain political points.

Sanders answered the reporter, “We are focused on things we can do immediately. Let’s not forget that the Obama administration had the White House and all of Congress for 2 years and never did ANYTHING. This President is actually supporting specific pieces of legislation and still laying out other priorities that he would like to see talked about and implemented.” 

Watch Sanders answering questions during the press briefing below: