Watch: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Burn CNN So Badly The Whole Room Let Out An Audible Gasp

Kirsters Baish| We have a wonderful White House Press Secretary looking out for us these days. Sarah Huckabee Sanders knows her stuff, and she isn’t afraid to totally roast and reporter that comes after Trump and his administration. CNN’s Jim Acosta keeps on learning this the hard way at press briefings. Tuesday’s press briefing was no different.

The argument that Sanders and Acosta got into was about the term “border defense.” Tuesday’s press briefing came after President Trump’s negotiations with Republicans and Democrats on DACA as well as securing the border between the United States and Mexico.

BizPac Review reported that the briefing came after what they called “an unprecedented move” by President Trump when he allowed the press to come to almost an hour of a bipartisan meeting which took place at the White House. The discussion was on immigration. Almost a dozen Republican and Democrat members of Congress met to negotiate immigration reform as well as border security. Reporters were allowed to observe and even film the meeting, which usually would have been a private meeting.

During the press briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders if the “wall has to be part of a deal” when it comes to border security. Sanders’s response was epic. She shot back that border security “has to be part of the process,” while it “doesn’t necessarily mean a physical wall.”

Acosta kept on running his mouth, as per usual. He went on, “You understand Democrats are saying they may not be in favor of this kind of deal?”

Sanders didn’t hesitate when she answered, “If Democrats aren’t in favor of protecting American citizens, I think we have hit a sad day in American history. But I don’t believe that to be the case. Because as many of them say as they sat around the table when several of you were in the room, they are committed to border security, they do want it, and most of them voted for it previously before this legislation hit the floor.”

At the first White House press briefing of the new year, Sanders was questioned about the recent protests in Iran. One reporter questioned if Trump’s support for the Iranian protesters might have caused backlash against them. The question itself was rather strange and didn’t even seem relevant, but Sanders had a great answer. Read More