Lefty “Reporter” Refuses To Shut Up … President Trump Unleashes The Wrath Of God On Her Sorry Butt

A big part of the reason why Americans love President Donald Trump is the way he refuses to bow down to the corrupt mainstream media. American voters loved him from the start because he isn’t like traditional politicians. To prove this point, just look at the way he handles the disgustingly biased liberal media.

It seems that for years now, the mainstream media has been spewing liberal rhetoric. Their clearly partisan reporting has had a severely negative impact on our citizens’ political views. President Trump is ready to put an end to the Obama era of brainwashing in the media.

The President made his intentions clear during Monday’s press conference, during which he announced the new trade deal among the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Take a look:

The President made his way to the Rose Garden along with his advisers to announce the big deal.

“It is my great honor to announce that we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand new deal to terminate and replace NAFTA and the NAFTA trade agreements with an incredible new U.S., Mexico, Canada agreement called USMCA,” Trump announced. “(USMCA) has a good ring to it,” he continued.

This announcement is a big one for the President, as he has cited numerous problems with the NAFTA deal since even before becoming POTUS. On March 12, 2016, he tweeted, “Absentee Governor Kasich voted for NAFTA and NAFTA devastated Ohio –  a disaster from which it never recovered. Kasich is good for Mexico!”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that reporters would have questions for President Trump regarding the announcement of a new trade deal, but one CNN White House Press Pool reporter, Kaitlan Collins, decided to talk about something other than the trade deal.

Western Journal writes:

What should have been a victory lap for Trump turned into yet another opportunity for him to be grilled over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

To be fair, the topic of Kavanaugh is certainly newsworthy. But there’s a time and a place for everything. A Rose Garden press conference about a new trade deal is neither the time nor place.

Past presidents may have been willing to give Collins some canned stock answer and tried to move on. Trump had other ideas.

“Now that you’ve answered several questions on trade, I’d like to turn …” the CNN reporter started off.

“Don’t do that. Excuse me. Do you have a question on trade? … Don’t do that. That’s not nice,” Trump answered, quickly stopping Collins.

“You answered several questions on trade. My question is on Judge Kavanaugh. You said the FBI should interview (anyone) that they believe is appropriate. Does that include Julie Swetnick, the third accuser?” Collins insisted.

It was clear that Trump was not willing to entertain Collins’ questions. He asked the CNN reporter, “Excuse me, don’t do that. Do have a question on trade?”

Collins made it evident that she wasn’t going to give it up, so the President moved on to another reporter.

“Give me a question, please. Give her the microphone, please,” Trump insisted.. A White House aide quickly took the microphone from Collins and handed it to another reporter. Take a look:

It’s great to finally have a President in office who is willing to stand up to the corrupt mainstream media.