Limbaugh Reveals The Real Reason Dems Are Focusing On This “Manufactured Crisis” … It’s To Distract You From The Devastating IG Report

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media has been pushing their “manufactured crisis” on Americans in order to draw the attention away from the damning Inspector General’s report and President Trump’s booming economy. At least, that’s what Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh says.

Inspector General Horowitz’s report gives evidence that the FBI had worked alongside the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in order to exonerate her from the private server investigation. The Democrats are, however, trying to shove the narrative down the throats of Americans that President Trump is totally “heartless” because his administration is enforcing the immigration policies that have been in place since George W. Bush was in office… the same immigration policies that former President Barack Obama failed to do anything about.

Limbaugh stated on the air, “We are smack dab in the middle of another manufactured media crisis about the supposed ‘Donald Trump, that purposely, wontedly, separates young families who are simply seeking a better life by crossing the border of the United States illegally. Trump is the first president, in I don’t know how long, actually enforcing the law. That’s what has everybody so shocked. If you really want to do the humane thing, you stop them from coming, you tell them not to come and when they arrive you turn them away.”

Democrats who are pro-amnesty for illegals are outspoken about being against the border wall, and clearly don’t care about the well being of these children. Limbaugh explained, “If your heart is breaking and if it’s gut-wrenching — this whole idea of separating families — then what you must support is the denial of entry illegally into the country and the deportation. That’s the solution to the problem, don’t come, don’t show up and try to get into the country illegally right now because the president, his administration have made it plain, they are going to enforce the law.”

“The reason why all of this is happening is because these people are attempting to get in the country illegally. If you want to end the problem, if that is really what the objective is –  It isn’t by the way, all of these people wringing their hands and crying about separated families, they don’t care about that. That’s not what this is about. Because if it were there’s a simple way to stop it. Stop trying to get into the country illegally, knowingly,” he went on.

Take a look at the video below:

On Monday, Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, stated that most of the children who are being cared for by HHS were sent to the United States alone. She estimated that roughly 10,000 of 12,000 children arrived in the country by themselves.

Limbaugh explained that the parents are the ones separating themselves from the children, not our government.

He pressed, “All of these unaccompanied minors  – their parents force them out of the house in Guatamala, El Savador wherever, put them on the trains, put them on the bus and send them unaccompanied to the United States on a journey where they could be severely injured or killed. Nobody is separating these people in the United States, their own parents are separating themselves from their kids when they put them on this train, when they put them on the flatbeds, when the put them on the buses, or the mule backs or whatever else they are using to get them in.”

Limbaugh explained that the left only seem to be “manufacturing a crisis out of something that has been going on for years” in order to take away from the much anticipated Inspector General report and President Trump’s great success in reviving our country’s economy.

“Remember it used to be Stormy Daniels. The drive-bys were totally devoted to a porn star. They were converting a porn star into a credible spokeswoman against Donald Trump — where is that mouth trap lawyer of hers, Avenatti– done and been there, used up, spit out and moved on,” Limbaugh said. ‘Remember, before that it was David ‘camera’ Hogg and the students at the school in Florida and they occupied a crisis involving guns, for how many weeks did that go on? At various stages it has been the Russian Trump collusion story. It’s just one manufactured crisis after another.”

“One of the reasons that this exists is to take the IG report off the table. To provide mechanisms whereby they don’t have to report on the great and robust economic news, or anything else positive regarding the Trump administration. They lost, they’re the losers in the last election. Their voters and their side represents a minority of thinking. And yet they get away with going on offense with this never ending accusatory journalism against us, Trump. Thank God for Donald Trump, not backing down at all. In fact, he is doubling down,” he concluded.