Rudy Giuliani Makes Stunning Statement: Mueller’s Team Guilty of Crimes, John Brennan Should Stand Before Grand Jury

Kirsters Baish| Former New York Mayor and current attorney to the President of the United States, Rudy Giuliani, made a shocking statement while appearing on Fox News this past Monday evening. Giuliani spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt into allegations that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

During the conversation, Giuliani explained to Sean Hannity that Mueller’s team is guilty of committing crimes. Then, the former New York Mayor blew up on corrupt former CIA Chief John Brennan.

Sean Hannity questioned Giuliani, “Do you see crimes?”

Rudy Giuliani answered without hesitation, “Absolutely. I just told you one. The perjury on the affidavit. I was telling you about Hillary crimes a year before Comey outlined them all… She got off in a fixed investigation — run by Peter Strzok! Hah-hah. They dossier is obtained the day that they dropped the case against Hillary… I’m gonna tell you who orchestrated, who was the quarterback for all of this. It isn’t just Strzok. He’s a bit of a puppet. It’s not just Mueller, he’s a puppet…”

Sean Hannity then stated, “I have a funny feeling you’re about to drop a bomb on me.”

Rudy Giuliani responded with a major bomb. “The guys running it was Brennan. And he should be in front of a grand jury.”

Fox News reported:

Rudy Giuliani, a personal attorney for President Trump, on Monday slammed former CIA Director John Brennan and said he should face a grand jury for his role in peddling the salacious Trump dossier that kicked off the “phony” Russia investigation.

Giuliani, who spoke exclusively with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, called Brennan the “quarterback” who took the unverified dossier from ex-British spy Christopher Steele and passed it along to then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“Unless he’s the biggest idiot intelligence agent that ever existed—although he never really did much intelligence work—it’s false. You could look at it [the dossier] and laugh at it,” Giuliani said.

There you have it. According to Rudy Giuliani, John Brennan was responsible for the entire witch hunt. Mueller was a simple pawn.

Take a look at the segment in the video below, via Hannity: