Rudy Giuliani Drops A Nuclear Bomb On CNN & Dirty Michael Cohen’s Leaked Tape of President Trump … It’s Been Doctored!

Kirsters Baish| Former New York Mayor and attorney to President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani made a call into Fox News’ “Justice” program this past Saturday to speak with host Judge Jeanine Pirro. Giuliani called to speak about the newly discovered audio recording that was released in which another one of Trump’s former attorneys, Micheal Cohen, and the President himself were discussing a payment to Playboy model Karen McDougal. Cohen is said to have been the one to record the conversation. (Recall that Cohen was terminated as one of President Trump’s lawyers in May of this year.)

Jeanine Pirro explained that Giuliani stated to the news network that “somebody played around” with the recording.

Giuliani explained during his call into the show that the video was “tampered with” in order to hide something from the tape that would be devastating to Cohen’s career and reputation.

“[W]e have determined the fact that [Cohen] tampered with the tape in the sense that he abruptly, mid-conversation, turned it off,” Giuliani explained to Pirro. “Now, we know he didn’t do that for a good reason.”

Later in the segment he explained, “I think they put it out because they wanted the doctored version to obscure whatever else might be on that tape. I’m sure it’ll be good for us. … We can draw an inference from that — that it was favorable to us because of the way in which he was deceiving us.”

Take a look at the segment of the show in the clip below:

What is Michael Cohen hiding? Clearly, liberals cannot continue to play this blame game, where President Trump is always the bad guy. The man hasn’t done anything wrong. What have the left proven through their ridiculous investigation into Trump’s alleged “Russian ties?” They have not a single shred of evidence against Trump, and it’s been a year and a half. Cohen will be exposed for whatever he has been so desperate to hide.