No More Games: President Donald Trump: Careful, I Have Compromising Information on Anti-Kavanaugh Senator

Anyone who has been keeping up with President Donald Trump’s reaction to the ridiculous delay tactics of the Senate Democrats, may be questioning why he has so much confidence in Kavanaugh’s confirmation, despite the most recent delay of the confirmation vote. On Monday, the New York Times suggested that Trump knows more than he has been letting on. The piece published by the times titled, “White House Tells F.B.I. to Interview Anyone Necessary for Kavanaugh Inquiry.”

Around halfway through the 30-paragraph piece, President Trump told reporters that he wasn’t about to et the Democrats ruin Kavanaugh’s reputation and career based on “spurious issues.” And the President won’t allow the Democrats control the FBI’s investigation into the matter.

“Mr. Trump made clear, however, that he would not take into consideration concerns of Senate Democrats in fashioning the scope of the F.B.I. inquiry. Instead, he expressed indignation that Democrats were questioning Judge Kavanaugh’s youthful drinking and suggested some of them were being hypocritical because they themselves abuse alcohol,” The Times wrote in the article.

The Times reported that Trump stated, “I happen to know some United States senators, one who’s on the other side who’s pretty aggressive.vI‘ve seen that person in some very bad situations.”

The President labeled the situations as “somewhat compromising.”

“He would not identify whom he meant, but he did later single out Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, a favorite target, for misleading the public for years about his military service during the Vietnam War,” the article read.

“This guy lied when he was the attorney general of Connecticut. He lied,” Trump stated.

The Times published a piece back in 2012 which stated that Senator Blumenthal had claimed to have spent time serving in Vietnam, “implying he had fought in the war, when in fact he served in the Marine Reserve in the United States at the time.”

The article reported that later on, Blumenthal admitted that his comments contained “a few misplaced words.”

Trump said of Blumenthal, “He said he was a war hero, (that) he fought in Da Nang Province. We call him ‘Da Nang Richard.’ … He never went to Vietnam.”

According to the article published by the Times, the President also told the press that “he favored a ‘comprehensive’ F.B.I. investigation and had no problem if the bureau wanted to question Judge Kavanaugh or even a third accuser who was left off the initial witness list if she seemed credible. His only concerns he said, were that the investigation be wrapped up quickly and that it take direction from the Senate Republicans who will determine whether Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed.”

“The F.B.I. should interview anybody that they want within reason, but you have to say within reason. But they should also be guided, and I’m being guided, by what the senators are looking for,” the President said.

President Trump is extremely determined when it comes to holding the Democrats accountable for their hypocritical behavior.