It’s A Set Up: Rosenstein Moved Cohen Case to New York – Then Ordered Trump-Appointed US Attorney Geoffrey Berman to Recuse Himself

Elder Patriot – The man leading the witch-hunt intended to remove Donald Trump from office is compromised.  It’s as simple as that. And, his effort to destroy the Trump presidency by orchestrating a soft coup is now provably political.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was installed by the cabal after they forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself over bogus claims that he lied to Congress over contacts he had with a Russian ambassador in his official capacity as a U.S. senator and this somehow tainted his ability to conduct a proper investigation.

The fact is that there never would have been any investigations if Sessions hadn’t been removed because both he and President Trump knew there never had been collusion between the campaign and Russia.

In retrospect, the reason they forced Sessions’ recusal would disqualify virtually every Representative and Senator from being a part of any investigation, ever!

In Rosenstein’s case, though, the extent of his compromise is far deeper.  

Let’s start with his involvement, as a U.S. attorney, in the multi-year Uranium One investigation that had, by 2010, gathered enough evidence to prove that officials from Russia’s giant state-owner nuclear corporation, Rosatom, were engaged in a global bribery scheme that included kickbacks and money laundering.

That should’ve been enough to stop the sale of Uranium One stock to the Russian-owned company.  It didn’t because Rosenstein took part in burying the investigation.

If anyone has anything to hide over involvement with Russians, it’s Rosenstein.  And, in case you are wondering who else was working with Rosenstein on that investigation it was Robert Mueller who was the FBI director at the time.

Then there’s the fact that Rosenstein rubber-stamped the fourth FISA warrant application after it was known that the first three were obtained under a false pretense.  His excuse, that he gets so many requests for his signature on these applications demands that he trust the work of the men and women who bring them to him is disgracefully implausible.

This wasn’t any run of the mill application (if such a thing even exists with FISC apps), this was the fourth application and third against a sitting president.  WTF more important than this did he have on his desk?

Keep in mind that months prior to Rosenstein affixing his signature to the application former FBI director James Comey had admitted that the key piece of evidence in the application remained “unverified.”

Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe later testified before a congressional committee that “no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.”

Then there’s also the little matter of Rosenstein advising President Trump to fire Comey and then opening an obstruction case against the president almost immediately afterwards for …firing Comey.

Understanding Rosenstein’s compromised position is key to how we now view the manner in which he has conducted this entire sham investigation.

This includes passing jurisdiction in the Michael Cohen case to NY and forcing Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman to recuse himself.  By forcing Berman out the case against President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, the case is now in the hands of completely partisan Obama holdovers – likely with much to hide themselves.

Just as importantly, it removes the case from Mueller who has failed to make any proofs in either the collusion or obstruction cases despite using the most heavy-handed tactics available to him.

The case is dead but the appearance of further wrongdoing is crucial to influencing the midterm elections.  That will be the last chance to to swing the political hammer to enable impeachment.

We are witnessing the corrupt governing cabal in their last desperate throes trying to save themselves from a president intent on exposing their decades old corruption.   

It’s become clear that Mueller’s failure to produce any evidence to support either the Russian collusion charge or the obstruction of justice charge has made this move necessary.

In fact, it’s just as clear that Mueller, Rosenstein, the team they assembled, and Virginia Senator Mark Warner and California Congressman Adam Schiff have been furiously trying to deconstruct all of the evidence that has surfaced against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as a result of their investigation.

And, all of that evidence is almost assured to implicate many, many, many more corrupt – and in many cases traitorous – colleagues.

It’s no coincidence that, despite little help from his own party – led by Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – President Trump has turned our country back on the road to prosperity.

Under the leadership of the cabal the only people who prospered were the elites.  

Impeachment has always been the end-objective of the insurance policy.  An insurance policy meant to keep the gravy train open to the elites.

Mueller has failed to deliver on Russian collusion.  The reason? There was none, something they knew when former CIA Director John Brennan and James Comey manufactured evidence to deceive the FISA court.

Rosenstein has 71 days to protect the cabal.  President Trump has that time to prove their conspiracy to effect a coup.  

Tick, tock.