Roseanne Just Destroyed Any Chance the Dems Had With This Single Statement

Kirsters Baish| Liberal America doesn’t seem to recognize just how hard middle class America has to work in order to survive these days. While the left live their days out not knowing what it’s like to want, the majority of Americans are just working to put food on the table.

If the left were to see what middle America goes through, their delusions would be shattered. It looks like that is exactly what is about to happen, thanks to comedienne/actress and outspoken Trump supporter Roseanne Barr. Roseanne demonstrated exactly how dangerous illegal immigration is to our country and the average American family.

All Roseanne really did was point out something that liberals are either too dumb or too naive to see… or perhaps they have been turning a blind eye. It boils down to one simple fact. The more illegal immigrants coming into our country and dominating the job market, the less work there will be for American citizens.

“I got underbid on Al’s job. He’s using illegals,” Dan says to Roseanne. Dan is clearly concerned about the family’s ability to survive in this day and age. He goes on, “It ain’t Rosie. Those guys are so desperate they’ll work for nothing and we’re getting screwed in the process. All I know is we can’t pay our bills.”

Americans have to understand that if we continue to allow illegal immigrants to flood our country, we will be beat out for our own jobs, as illegal immigrants tend to settle for lower wages. The 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election will come down to just a few major issues, and illegal immigration may very well be the largest issue.

Breitbart News reports:

The latest episode of the hit rebooted ABC sitcom Roseanne admirably takes on the issue of illegal immigration and its negative impact on America’s working families and the middle-class.

The episode entitled, Meet the Neighbors finds Connor family patriarch Dan lose out on a job for which illegal immigrants had been hired to do for less money.

We are now left with somewhere between 12 to 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States today. As you can see, the exact number is unknown for the simple fact that these people are undocumented… that’s what makes them illegal. Illegal immigrants cost the American taxpayer roughly $8,075 every single year. This means that they force Americans to spend roundly $116 billion every year.

The United States Federal government spends around $45.8 billion every single year in costs on illegal immigrants and their children. This includes allowances for public education, justice enforcement initiatives, healthcare, and welfare. If these illegal aliens were granted amnesty and were able to remain in the United States permanently with no risk of being deported, American taxpayers would be paying around $2 trillion eery year.

As we saw on this week’s episode of “Roseanne,” mass illegal immigration into the United States has been a huge factor in poor job growth over the years, stagnant wages, as well as higher taxes. President Trump is working to change all of this, starting with the big issue, illegal immigration.