ROFL: Trump Epicly Trolls Hillary Clinton Both Before and After Supreme Court Nominee Decision

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump made his highly anticipated announcement of his Supreme Court nominee on Monday evening. Americans from all over the country were watching, including White House correspondents who sat front row, watching it live. Prior to entering the White House’s East Room, where President Donald Trump was set to make his big announcement, they took a different path than the one that they had taken when Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch.

You’ll never guess whose portrait was hanging on the route that they took… none other than former First Lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Trump White House had national correspondents take a stroll past the depiction of the President’s former rival. Reporters were funneled out the same way that they came in, just to let it sink it one last time that Clinton isn’t in charge.

While the pathway correspondents took wasn’t reported on by the mainstream media, you can bet that Hillary Clinton was well aware of what was going on. The Trump White House just trolled Hillary Clinton and all of the unhinged liberals who continue to support her.

Benny Johnson of the Daily Caller first reported on the interesting route that reporters were taken on. He seemed to be very in tune with the message that the Trump White House was trying to send.

Johnson wrote, “The White House announced on Monday the selection of Brett Kavanaugh as the much-anticipated pick to replace Kennedy on the Supreme Court.”

“Before the pick, dozens of members of the WH press corps gathered outside the press briefing room to wait to be ushered in to the East Wing where the announcement would be made. During the Gorsuch pick, reporters had been walked through the front colonnade of the mansion. This pick was different. The large gaggle of reporters were walked through the bowels of the service area, past some recycling and trash compactors and directly past Hillary Clinton’s portrait hanging in the White House first floor hallway,” Johnson went on.

He explained further regarding this information via his Twitter account.

“In a troll of deeply epic proportions White House staff just walked all reporters & journalists covering the SCOTUS pick by the dumpster & a portrait of Hillary Clinton,” Johnson sent out in a tweet.

“When I asked (White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley) if that was on purpose he said ‘absoloutely.’”

Twitter users had some pretty hilarious reactions to Johnson’s theory. Here’s a good one:

What a great way for the Trump administration to celebrate the President’s second nomination since being inaugurated. If Hillary Clinton had actually become President, we would be left with some pretty horrible nominees for the Supreme Court. It’s not a very pretty picture to think about.