RINO Founder of Weekly Standard Bill Kristol Implicated in Spygate, Links to Peter Strzok Exposed According To Report

Kirsters Baish| It looks like Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol has fallen from his high horse. He has transitioned from a leading voice in the conservative community and an outspoken critic of Barack Obama to an anti-Trump operative working with the Deep State to bring down the Trump campaign.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Kristol began pushing the phony Trump “dossier” at the same time that ex CIA Director John Brennan and the Obama administration did. It only took a few years for Kristol to go from a top voice in the conservative community to to head of the anti-Trump “conservative” movement.

The Weekly Standard has published articles bashing the Gateway Pundit for their support of the Republican Presidential candidate.

American Greatness’ Julie Kelly reported that Kristol was one of the first to bring up the idea of alleged Trump/Russia collusion. She wrote:

In his online appeal for money after being fired this week, disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok credited an unlikely source to vouch for his victim status: The Weekly Standard.

At one time a leading conservative magazine, the Standard declared last month that Strzok’s plight was merely an “overwrought tale of bias” and the case against him is “just sound and fury.” The articlebrushed off Strzok’s actions as “several bad judgment calls” and blasted Congressional Republicans for continuing a criminal investigation into the now-unemployed G-man.

Peter Strzok’s new Twitter account only follows 32 people. One of those people is Kristol.

Kelly explained that on July 24, 2016 Kristol gave Peter Strzok and the Obama DOJ some much needed help from the rest of the anti-Trump Republicans by posting an unverified article that had questionable sources. This was just days before Peter Strzok was a part of beginning the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump camp.

The timing of when the article was published seems to indicate that things were planned carefully by those involved… which included Bill Kristol and the Hillary Clinton campaign. They were attempting to ruin Trump’s chances at winning the election. Because of the article, there were some big questions raised about claims made by Republicans that “conservatives” didn’t know about British Spy Christopher Steele’s phony dossier.

On the morning that the article was posted by the Weekly Standard founder, the left was just dreaming up their Russian collusion story. Kelly writes, “nearly all American voters that summer remained blissfully unaware of the details in this preposterous story—but secretly it was being peddled to the media by Fusion GPS, a political opposition research firm hired by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to dig up Russian-related dirt on Donald Trump.”

Fusion GPS President Glenn Simpson produced talking points that were in the Steele dossier. In July of 2016, those talking points were being spread all over. This was the same time that the former British spy was working alongside the FBI.

The article written by Kristol mentioned all of the Simpson-Steele talking points. Kelly explains, “Trump forced the GOP to water-down language on the Ukraine in the party’s platform (it didn’t happen); the Russians were behind Wikileaks’ release of the DNC’s hacked emails (unproven); Trump encouraged foreign powers to interfere in the election (he didn’t); and Trump would not honor U.S. commitments to NATO (an overblown assessment of Trump’s NATO criticism nearly all the Republican candidates made). He listed a handful of unknown Trump campaign associates who would soon become household names, including campaign manager Paul Manafort; national security advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn; and foreign policy aide Carter Page.”