Revolt: Another Red State Senate Passes “Constitutional Carry” Gun Bill, Sends it to Governor

Kirsters Baish| On Wednesday evening, the Oklahoma Senate passed a “Constitutional Carry” gun bill. The total vote tally was 33-9. The bill passed roughly a week ago, and now that it is through the states’s House of Representatives, it will be presented to Republican Governor Mary Fallin so it can be signed.

It is not yet known if Governor Fallin will sign the bill, however, Democrat Representative Shane Stone told Fox News in the past that he doesn’t think that Fallin will veto the bill. When the bill went through the house, Stone voted against it.

The Governor would not say whether she intends to sign the bill or not. Fox News was told by one of the governor’s spokespeople that Fallin doesn’t normally comment on current legislation “until after the final version reaches the governor’s office, and she and her staff have a chance to review it.”

If the legislation is signed into law by Governor Fallin, it would mean that handgun owners in the state of Oklahoma would be legally able to carry without obtaining a license first.

Those in support of the new piece of legislation claim that it will protect a gun owner’s rights to use their firearm for self-defense. This would stop them from having to go through the expensive process of obtaining a permit.

Those against the bill feel that it wold pose big safety threats for police as well as civilians. They also claim that in light of recent mass shootings, like the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, lawmakers should be careful about passing laws which allow citizens to have more gun rights.

Fox News reports:

“Can you explain to me why I should have to go pay for a license or an identification card in order to carry out my even more fundamental right to vote, but I shouldn’t have to carry a weapon?” Rep. Stone said last week as the bill was debated in the House, adding during an interview with Fox News that the potential law is “inconsistent with the constitution.”

If passed, firearms would remain prohibited in schools and government buildings, among other places where weapons are not allowed, Republican Sen. Nathan Dahm, who authored the bill, said.

“This is something that we’ve been fighting [in favor of] for years,” Dahm told Fox News on Thursday, adding that expanding gun rights is an issue he has personally advocated for since he became a state senator six years ago.

He noted that the bill is a “huge success,” as a similar piece of legislation failed two years ago.

Dahm also reminded to those against the bill that “there is not another right that requires people to get training and licensing in order to exercise that right,” and he went on to explain that the second amendment is “infringed upon the most.”

Dahm stated that Governor Fallin has vetoed other gun legislation in the past, however he is hopeful that she will sign this piece of legislation into law.

The state of Oklahoma could possibly join the 11 other states that have already passed similar laws, according to the National Rifle Association (NRA).