Retired Army Colonel Issues Warning: Wake Up … They’re Coming for Our Guns

Kirsters Baish| Conservatives have been aware for quite some time now that the totalitarian left’s ‘liberal’ agenda needs to gut the Second Amendment before it can fully be implemented.  They are dead set on getting Americans to give up their guns, because they know that all of our God given natural rights human beings are only respected because we have the means to defend them.  You can bet your ass that as soon as civilian ownership of firearms is outlawed the rest of our rights would be erased and we would be powerless to save them.

Recently, a retired army colonel named Kurt Schlichter did an op-ed for Townhall. He titled the piece “They Take the Second Amendment First and the First Amendment Second.” It showed how the liberals of America are trying to control American citizens and suppress them. He continued on to explain that the leftists aren’t just looking to rid us of the Second Amendment. Once the Second Amendment is kaput, the First Amendment will be gone too. He went on, “They don’t want you to speak freely. They don’t want you to have access to a free press. They don’t want you to practice your religion as you see fit.”

If we cannot defend ourselves and our rights, you can bet that we will not be permitted to speak freely. Once they disarm us, we are powerless.  The only thing protecting your right to speak out against the government are the rifles in the safes of your neighbors.

Conservative Tribune reported:

If you didn’t already know, British citizens could be thrown in jail simply for saying things that the government has deemed “offensive.”

I’m sure the majority of us have read Orson Welles book “1984.” Recall that in the book, the government was totally in charge. They saw every single move people made; A big brother of sorts. Anyone who thinks that this would never happen in our country, in the real world, really lives in a world of delusion. This is exactly what is happening.

Schlichter spoke about the attacks on the First Amendment in colleges universities all over the country. Conservative Tribune wrote, “Whether it be crowds of angry social justice warriors shouting down and silencing invited speakers they disagree with, or students who have run afoul of progressive orthodoxy being summarily drummed out of school by cowed administrators running campus kangaroo courts, the freedom of speech and thought is very much imperiled on the typically gun-free campuses of America.”

The attack on the First Amendment has been raging on for years in government schools.  Stop and think about a government run ‘Department of Education’ … It sounds straight out of the USSR.  How we let the government babysit our children for 8 hours a day, acting as the arbiter of truth is beyond comprehension for a supposedly ‘free society.’   The left is set on the indoctrination of the youth of America.  they are manipulating the minds of millennials to do their bidding.   Just take a look at what is going on with the anti-Second Amendment protests around the country. We see young people like Parkland shooting survivor turned anti-gun activist David Hogg as the poster children for the progressive left’s political campaign against firearms.

The left will not stop until we are stripped of our rights as American citizens. Anyone who believes otherwise is living in a world of delusion.