Republican Congressman Says He’ll Impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein If He Does Not Hand Over Docs

Kirsters Baish| Republican Representative Mark Meadows said on Saturday that if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein doesn’t hand over the unreacted documents that Congress related to FISA, they will be moving to impeach.

Meadows appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Justice.” While on the air he stated, “Rod Rosenstein can call Michael Horowitz, who has the documents, and say just give them to Congress. If he doesn’t do that … there is a growing consensus of holding them in contempt of Congress, but it’s not enough to stop there. We have to have someone willing to do the job. If the deputy attorney general is not willing to do it and not willing to allow us to have our Constitutional Oversight Authority supported, then we’ll find someone who can.”

Meadows wasn’t done, however. He went on to threaten that if Rosenstein decided not to turn over the documents, there would be serious repercussions such as impeachment. He added, “I think that if he does not turn over the documents, that there are a growing number of us on Capitol Hill who believe that someone else needs to do the job. And what happens there is, Constitutionally, we have some things that we can do.”

He went on to say that the documents already prove that there was some kind of cooperation between the Obama White House and the State Department during Obama’s presidency. He also explained that the Department of Justice and the FBI have been withholding information from Congress for white some time now.

Meadows declared, “What I’m here to tell you is I’m fed up, I’ve had enough. My good friend Jim Jordan is fed up. We are going to not only demand answers. We are going to demand action.”

“If they don’t [provide the documents], how do you get rid of Rosenstein?” host Jeanine Pirro questioned.

Meadows answered, “The first area is contempt of Congress. … One of the things we have in our toolbox is impeachment.”

Representative Meadows was clear in his message for Rod Rosenstein, and I’m sure that Rosenstein is currently deciding on how to react to the challenge.