Reporter Screams at Sarah Sanders & Essentially Accuses Trump of Treason, Then All Hell Broke Loose

Opinion| Sarah Huckabee Sanders deserves some soft of medal or monument for putting up with the ultra liberal bias and hate of the White House press core on a daily basis.  If I were her I would have torn them limb from limb a long time ago.  It would be hard to pick a list of the top 10 most absurd accusations and/or questions she has faced but this would be a contender for that list without a doubt …. enjoy.

AJR Reports: White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to get a bit combative with reporters when prodded on President Donald Trump’s recent tweets.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was bombarded with questions over the recent tweets from the President in which he called out Special Counsel Robert Mueller and called the special counsel probe a “witch hunt.” Sanders started out claiming the President is frustrated after so many reporters wanted to know what was behind Trump’s rage-tweeting and name-checking of Mueller.

Trump is tired of the investigation taking such a long time and grabbing so much attention. Sanders declared the President is trying to work hard, but it gets difficult to do his job when every single day he is working against the liberal media and democrats being dishonest. It would be nice when this finally comes to an end.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was bombarded with questions today about President Trump calling the Mueller Investigation a “witch hunt.” First from NBC reporter Hallie Jackson, followed by an intense exchange with Brian Karem. (Video Below)

Jackson screamed her question until Sarah acknowledged her, expressing shock that President Trump would call the Mueller probe a witch hunt. Sarah’s response was brutal.

“We’ve spoken about this at length, ad nauseam, and frankly think that its a big distraction that the media has spent every single day for the last year focused on this instead of some of the biggest issues of our day, and some of the biggest issues that the president is dealing with… that’s what you guys should be spending a little bit more time”

Then, Playboy reporter Brian Karem followed up with a strange question, seemingly asking whether Pres. Trump was secretly behind the “witch hunt” in terms of his involvement with the 13 indicted Russians. This was Sarah’s response.

“Just because there may have been involvement by Russia doesn’t mean there was involvement by the Trump campaign and to try and conflate the two is insane… We’ve been outspoken on a number of occasions that Russia was involved in election meddling and we’ve taken action because of that but that has nothing to do with whether or not the President and his campaign had anything to do with that.”

As Sarah moved on, reporters continued screaming over each other and she sighed and shook her head, saying “it’s crazy in here today.”

Do you think Sarah does a good job?