Reporter Asks if Trump is Too Stupid to Stop School Shootings… Sarah Huckabee Sanders Destroys Him

Kirsters Baish| We’ve seen White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders respond pretty swiftly to idiotic liberal reporters in the past, but this time was epic. She addressed the press for the first time this week and right from the start, we knew it was going to be quite the press briefing.

The White House reporters were obviously pushing for stricter gun control in the United States. They wanted to know if President Trump would support their cause or not. Huckabee Sanders gave them something to chew on when she revealed that President Trump would be speaking with school officials and law enforcement officers as well as experts from all over the spectrum in order to find the best solution to the problem.

One reporter didn’t like Huckabee Sanders’s answer and decided to take offense. John Roberts was offended by President Trump’s strategy and questioned if it meant that Trump doesn’t have any original ideas of his own.

Here is the transcript of the conversation between Huckabee Sanders and Roberts:

Roberts: Again on the broader problem of deranged individuals getting a hold of weapons and killing people indiscriminately. Does he have ANY ideas on how to deal with this?

Sarah Sanders: Well, look again this is part of a lot of the conversations we’re going to have on Mental Illness.

Roberts: So you’re saying he is starting from scratch? If he has to listen to a bunch of people, and he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, that would suggest that he doesn’t have any ideas.

Sarah Sanders: That’s not what I said you’re taking my words out of context.

Roberts: Can you explain it, then?

Sarah Sanders: Well, I was trying to before you interrupted me.

Then Sarah Hukabee Sanders explained to Roberts what Trump’s plan consists of. She totally embarrassed the lib for asking such an idiot question.

Sarah Sanders: Unfortunately wae can’t just flip a switch, but there is a process. We are a law and order country, and the President is trying to do everything he can under his capacity to address this concerns, and certainly when it comes to mental illness.

Her answers were perfect. It’s just sickening how the left turns every shooting as an opportunity to push their political agenda. There were innocent lives lost. They’re using the victims as a political tool, and that is truly disgusting.

Watch the full press briefing below: