Reporter Asks Trump if He’s Getting “Slapped” Around By Foreign Leaders, Trump’s Reply Leaves Him in Silence

Kirsters Baish| Yesterday, President Donald Trump held a joint press conference along with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven. During the press conference, our Commander in Chief took fielded some questions, but when the issue of trade came up everyone lost their lids. President Trump has proposed enforcing tariffs on any country that is ripping us off.

Fox News’ John Roberts decided to stand up during the press conference and ask President Trump if he will get “slapped” around by the European Union on Trade if he enforces the tariffs in order to defend our country. Roberts stated that the European nations will certainly fight back and Trump will regret his tariff idea.

The comment pushed President Trump to show the entire world that he isn’t backing down. This great nation will not allow the Europeans to tax our goods. We will not allow European car companies to put American companies out of business.

“They can do whatever they’d like, but if they do that, we will put a big tax of 25% on their cars and believe me they wouldn’t be doing it very long.  The European Union has not treated us well and it’s a very unfair trade situation.”

President Trump stated that European countries have been taking advantage of Americans for years.

He stated, “The United States has been taken advantage of by other counties…for many, many decades…. The European Union has been particularly tough on the United States.  They make it almost impossible for us to do business with them, yet they send their cars and everything else back into the United States.”

He wasn’t finished there. He went on to completely destroy the European Union for the way that they have been mistreating our country when it comes to trade… and he did it right in front of one of its biggest defenders, the Prime Minister of Sweden.

President Trump went on, “We have a trade deficit of $800 Billion dollars a year.  And that’s not going to happen with me.  We have been mistreated by many…”

This is exactly the kind of leadership that our country needs, now more than ever. We haven’t had a president like Trump in years, and our country will no longer be taken advantage of.

Watch the full press conference below: