Red Alert: Evidence Suggests The Deep State May Be Planning Massive Election Fraud

Elder Patriot – “Those who vote decide nothing – Those who count the votes decide everything” – Joseph Stalin

When things seemingly don’t make sense there’s a reason for it.  Take the case of Democrats who have embraced an agenda for the 2018 elections that polls show no more than 25-35% of voters support.  

Instead of appealing to the largest constituency possible they appear to be intent on imposing its will on the electorate.  That would seem to be a fool’s gambit unless they have control of the outcome of at least some electoral districts.

I don’t believe for a minute that the Democrats are intent on self-destruction.  Something more has to be at play.

Yesterday, Roger Stone sounded the alarm that two billionaire British royals have gained control of 90% of the electronic voting machines used in tabulating United States election results.  

Stone named six companies, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S, Dominion, and Hart InterCivic under control of the British royals.

The accuracy of Stone’s claim is less important than the fact that there any foreign ownership over U.S. vote counting is allowed at all.  In a nation where elections are won by tens of thousands, or even just thousands of votes, that provides for a potential critical breach of security with major implications on world affairs and U.S. alliances around the globe.

Remember, George W. Bush won the 2000 election by a few hundred votes in a single country.  You needn’t change millions of votes in a country as evenly divided as ours is to change the outcome.  A few hundred votes here and few thousand there in important swing areas can easily alter the composition of Congress.

We have already seen the lengths that a relatively small group of Deep State operatives working under the direction of the Global Elites were willing to go to in persecuting Donald Trump without cause during the lead up to the last presidential election, and since.  Why wouldn’t voter fraud and election fraud be a part of their agenda?   Ask Bernie what he thinks.

As I write this, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is outlining how Russian cyber warfare operatives were able to hack into our voting machines.  

Even though Rosenstein acknowledged that no votes were altered as a result of the hacks, it does raise the reality of just how easy these electronic machines are to breach.  Now imagine how much easier they are to hack for those who own the proprietary software.

Brian Fagioli, writing for points out that employees or outside agents given access to the source code could easily alter voting software to influence outcomes.  

Previously we discussed the work of Bev Harris of Black Box Voting who illustrated how easy it is for any reasonably experienced programmer to access an election network and change the result without anyone being able to detect the intrusion.

With access to $4+ Trillion annually from the U.S. Federal Treasury at stake do you really think there aren’t political operatives who will break the law to get control of those monies?  Add to that the assets – military technologies, computer technologies, personal information, etc. – and the value of stealing an election climbs even higher.

And there’s plenty of evidence that this is happening.

Then there’s the empirical evidence that scientific polls consistently fail to accurately predict the actual outcomes of our elections.

Yet Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans have steadfastly refused to examine these potential threats until Donald Trump came along.  All of a sudden it became reason for his impeachment except they have failed to tie Trump to the Russians in any way.

And, keep this in mind, when Trump first came into office he created a voter integrity commission that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to fund.  In retrospect that raises some serious questions.

That is the reason for this alert.

Are Democrats, aided by the Global-centric British royals who command Deep State and have significant access to our voting software, running on a platform that, if elected, would give them carte blanche to finish the job of turning America into the world’s piggy bank?

Keep in mind it was the British Deep State apparatus – under orders of the same Globalist Elites – where the charges of Trump collusion with Russia originated.  That was in 2015.

The integrity of our elections is the single greatest challenge to any republic,  Ask yourself, why wouldn’t McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker Paul Ryan, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agree with Trump and fund his Voter Integrity Commission?