Red Alert: America Is One Step From Civil War as Unhinged Left Completely Uncloaks & Resorts to Violence, Intimidation & Terrorism [Videos]

Elder Patriot – I’ve refrained from the overheated rhetoric of the times long enough.  America is inching towards a violent overthrow of our duly elected government by a fringe, but still sizable and extremely well funded, minority.  It seems that is the goal of leftist leaders and their financial backers as they openly encourage confrontation by their followers.

This is not the conclusion of an overactive imagination.  The justification for the violence we are witnessing being proffered by the mainstream media is proof positive that this violence has been planned and funded as part of a wider political movement.

The earliest evidence we had of the left’s organized, top down, plan to use violence and confrontation came during the 2016 presidential campaign when Project Veritas caught Hillary Clinton’s campaign “consultants” on hidden camera explaining that they were paid to create violence at Trump rallies.

Watch this two minute video and you’ll see:

  • a young woman pelted with eggs and watermelon,
  • a black man chasing down a young Trump supporter,
  • another young man being attacked by a group of six assailants,
  • and an deranged mob chasing Trump supporters into a parking garage.  

And the only flag you’ll see in the video is one from Mexico.  

That coupled with the Democrats refusal to address protecting our southern border – the one we share with Mexico – tells the story of an invasion welcomed by the Democrat Party.

That the Democrats embrace these anti-American miscreants is no longer surprising.  Remember back to the Democratic National Convention where Hillary accepted the party’s nomination.  There were no American flags to be seen.

For comparison:

Democrats can claim this is imagery and that it doesn’t matter, but it does.  Just as Hillary’s embrace of Black Lives Matter and the absence of a visible police presence anywhere on the floor of the arena at the same convention spoke volumes about who the left values more.

According to Breitbart News there have been at least 190 acts of violence, some worse than others, committed against Trump supporters.  Most recently we’ve seen a teen assaulted by a thirty-year-old for wearing a MAGA hat:

And a Boynton Beach man was punched in the face and dragged by his assailant’s car because he had a Trump flag on his lawn.

Female members of the Trump administration and other female politicians who support Trump have been singled out for harassment and intimidation:

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen:

Trump Supporter and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

I could keep you here for the better part a full day showing you videos of violent leftists reigning violence on Trump supporters.  The more of these videos you watch the more you’ll notice one thing. Actually, it’s the absence of one thing – the American flag – unless they’re burning it.  This, too, is telling.

These “activists” fashion themselves as revolutionaries in the mold of Che Guevara the Marxist revolutionary.  This will be their downfall.

Breitbart’s list of violent acts has been growing daily and most likely exceeds 200 incidents by now.  Here was the complete list as of Thursday along with links to articles and videos that provide details of each violent encounter.

There also is a video channel dedicated to documenting the dozens and dozens of assaults against Trump supporters.

This makes the difference between our two political parties quite clear.  While both parties have supporters on the radical fringe, the Republican Party in the only party united – elected officials and rank and file –  willing to denounce its violent fringe.

Because of the willingness of large numbers of Democrats to embrace violence – including members of Congress – it becomes reasonable to ask if violence is in their DNA?  Remember, it was Democrats who formed the Ku Klux Klan to discourage the voters back then from supporting their chosen candidates.


Now listen to Congresswoman Maxine Waters:

This is a natural evolution following eight years of Obama’s overheated rhetoric:

Obama’s rhetoric may or may not have contributed to the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise:

Here’s something for these “activists” to consider.  This is not going to end well for them if they continue on this path.

The battle tested are on our side.  So are the weapons. The left pretty much guaranteed that would be the case after trashing our military and our law enforcement community.