Ratings Bonanza: ‘Roseanne’ Becomes #1 Watched Show On TV, Has Last Laugh on Trump-Hating Libs

Kirsters Baish| Conservative actress/comedienne Roseanne Barr’s rebooted sitcom “Roseanne” recently aired, and it was clear that she fully embraces our current Commander in Chiaef. In the first episode, Barr’s character was greeted with a “What’s up, Deplorable?” from her ultra-liberal feminist sister, played by Laurie Metcalf.

An astonishing 18 million viewers watched the show on Tuesday evening after a 20 year hiatus, and Roseanne was ready to make a statement. Hollywood celebrities lost it as a whole after the 2016 presidential election. There were, however, a select few who were pleased with the election results. Barr was one of latter.

The leftists of America were shocked by Hilary Clinton’s loss. They were baffled as to who even voted for Trump after the mainstream media tweaked polls and statistics to make it look like Clinton was a sure winner.

Breitbart News reported:

Unlike Hollywood executives and their counterparts on Wall Street and Capitol Hill, Roseanne Barr knew exactly why she and the rest of America voted for Trump. Last night’s Roseanne reboot gave a simple and honest answer to the befuddled studio execs and the finger-wagging #Resistance scolds.

No, Trump’s voters aren’t racist, sexist, xenophobic, self-hating, privileged, or duped by Russians. They are – to quote Barr’s sitcom daughter Becky (Lecy Goranson) – “stressed about money.” As Roseanne explains to her Hillary-supporting sister Jackie, Trump “talked about jobs. He said he’d shake things up. It might come as a complete shock to you, but we almost lost our house because of the way things were going.”

These reasons “might come as a complete shock” to bicoastal elites because the post-NAFTA plight of working class Americans has been ignored for the last 20 years. And perhaps it’s not coincidental that Barr’s sitcom has been absent for those two decades. When Roseanne debuted in 1988, it was rightly described as “groundbreaking” for its un-ironic and unapologetic warts-and-all depiction of a working class American family. Here at last was a non-idealized TV family that actually resembled the country. We’ve never met the Bradys. But we’ve all met families like the Conners. They weren’t airbrushed or sentimentalized or treated with condescension.

Barr comes from a working class family so she understands how the average American thinks. She explained of her new show, “I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working-class people. And in fact it was working-class people who elected Trump.”

The last episode of the original series aired in 1997. In the reboot, Roseanne and Dan (played by John Goodman) are grandparents. The new show notes the cultural changes in our country. Roseanne and Dan’s 9-year-old grandson is described as wearing gender non-conforming clothing.

“Darlene said he’s ‘exploring,’” Roseanne said to Dan.

“May the winds fill his sails and carry him to the boys section of Target,” Dan answered.

Later in the show, Dan questions, “Why is masculinity now a bad thing?”

It is important to note that Roseanne and Dan’s love for their grandson is conveyed throughout the show.

Tuesday’s episode had a different focus, however. Roseanne and her sister Jackie get into it after not having spoken since a fallout following the 2016 presidential election. The two sisters represent the opposing political parties in our country.

Breitbart News reported:

Roseanne attempts to bridge the divide with humor. As Sara Gilbert explained to The Hollywood Reporter, the show addresses politics “in the context of a family.”

“People feel like they can’t disagree and still love and talk to each other,” Gilbert said. “It’s a great opportunity to have a family divided by politics but is still filled with love. What a great thing to bring into this country right now.”

Fittingly, Gilbert’s character is the one who brings her mom and aunt back together to resolve their political differences. Without actually naming Donald Trump (“that crazy man”) or Hillary Clinton (“the worst person on earth”), they have it out and both give as good as they get.

And that is the show’s secret sauce. The rebooted Roseanne is not a right-wing show or a left-wing show – it’s an American show. Everyone will get a laugh from it.

It’s nice to see a television show giving SNL a run for their money when it comes to political satire.