Rand Paul Puts John Brennan On Notice – Demands He Testify Under Oath, in Front of Congress, Over His Knowledge About Foreign Spying On Trump

Kirsters Baish| Senator Rand Paul took to Twitter today in order to slam former CIA Director John Brennan. He demanded that Brennan testify in front of Congress regarding the information he was given about Donald Trump and his presidential campaign by British Intelligence sources.

Senator Paul tweeted today, “BIG question for John Brennan, who has become such a vocal spokesman. Did you receive any secret info on candidate Trump or his campaign from European or British intelligence sources? Brennan should be brought before Congress & made to testify under oath, NOW!”

It was last week that a former United States Intelligence Officer told the Gateway Pundit that he thinks that the CIA in cahoots with British intelligence formed a “coup without weapons” against the Trump campaign because of his Syria and NATO policies.

This former Intelligence Officer stated that they felt that Brennan and James Clapper had utilized extremely classified intelligence channels in order to make a plethora of falsified evidence against Donald Trump, linking him to Russia. These men have years between the two of them in the intelligence community. During these years, they have been involved in overseas operations, and it seems that it is more than likely that Joseph Mifsud served as an asset to MI6. As the Gateway Pundit puts it, “his role within the British spy service was deliberately obscured to give the appearance of him working for Russia.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that the Chief Strategist for Rand Paul, Doug Stafford, questioned, “What did John Brennan know and when did he know it?” He continued, “We deserve answers. Of course, last time he testified in Congress he perjured himself, but it’s certainly worth dragging him in here and trying.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that the intel community insiders that they spoke to think that George Papadopoulos’s case, “a minor official named to the Trump foreign policy team on March 21, 2016”, warrants further scrutiny. They claim that his case proves that U.K. intel operatives purposely targeted him. Which U.K. intel operatives exactly? Mifsud, to be exact. The Gateway Pundit explained that it was done “in a plot to trick him into communicating information about possible approaches to Russia via conversations with persons in the United States.”

The Pundit reports:

Disobedient Media, who first exposed the British involvement, has been diligently uncovering information about the ‘mysterious Maltese Professor,’ Mifsud’s connections to UK intelligence.

As The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported, CIA Director Gina Haspel has been dodging questions from Senator Paul about her involvement or knowledge of the spying. Haspel was the CIA’s London Chief of Station (COS) while this was going on.

The Deep State and the corrupt FBI and CIA are going down. It’s only a matter of time before justice is served, and the American people can rest a little easier at night.