Dem Senator Ties To Publicly Shame Sec of State Pompeo, Gets Brutally Owned Instead!

Elder Patriot – Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) is the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  On Wednesday he tried getting cute with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he appeared before the committee to answer questions on behalf of the Trump administration.

That turned out to be a mistake.  Secretary Pompeo administered what could only be described as a good old-fashioned whooping while smiling and with cordiality as he gave his response.


“The facts is that the Congress passed the CATSA Statute that required sanctions to be imposed, and there are sanctions that are to be imposed under CATSA that have not been imposed.

“And the facts are: the administration sought a waiver in regard to it in regard to the national defense authorization act, so I just really want to point out — and we’ve had this from previous administrations, but not as much as we are hearing today — that what Congress is requiring you to do, all of a sudden, you found religion and are taking credit for it. But in reality, you haven’t implemented one time the sanctions that have been passed by Congress.”

Less than a minute later Secretary Pompeo had Cardin was regretting his decision to package a lie in his question in order to advance the Trump-Russia collusion sham.

“Senator, first of all, that is not true. We’ve passed a number of sanctions under the CATSA provisions, and it is also true — at least to the best of my recollection — is the Constitution — is the president signed that law, as well, so I thank you for presenting that law. We appreciate it. We think it makes good sense.

“The president signed it as well.

“We have passed sanctions under that very law and we have passed sanctions that — senator, previous administrations didn’t do.

Democrats like Cardin are finding it increasingly more difficult to maintain the veil of legitimacy on their claim that Trump is soft on Russia as more and more Americans become aware of the Uranium One, Skolkovo, and Crimea giveaways.

Combined with Trump’s recent agreement from E.U. President Jean-Claude Juncker that there will be massive purchases of American liquified natural gas, the U.S. president is in the process of striking a death knell to the important energy export sector of the Russian economy.

Democrats would be wise to abandon their attempts to trap Trump’s cabinet members and get on the Trump Train.  Trump administration officials are tough, battle-tested, and resolute in their purpose to MAGA. And they have been undressing establishment defenders for some time now.

From Wilbur Ross, to Robert Lighthizer, to Steven Mnuchin, to Peter Navarro, and now to Mike Pompeo, these men have spent the past two weeks bitch-slapping the administration’s critics.  

You would think they would’ve learned by now and perhaps they have,  Perhaps they’re so vested in the Russian collusion sham that there’s no turning back.

Whatever fuels their stupidity it’s becoming entertaining to watch.