Here Is What The Media Refuses To Tell You About Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s Troubling Ties

Elder Patriot – By all accounts Brett Kavanaugh has led an exemplary life.  That’s what makes the 35-year-old charge of Christine Blasey-Ford so unbelievable.

First, the timing of Blasey-Ford’s accusation stinks.  She waited more than 25 years before she says she confided in anyone about the alleged assault.  

Then ten years after that (35 years after the alleged assault took place), after Kavanaugh had been vetted 6 separate times by the FBI for previous appointments, and the Senate had wrapped up its own investigation of him last week, then  she comes forward.

Second, Blasey-Ford claims to be unable to recall the date or location of the attack.  

That didn’t stop NBC’s Chuck Todd from suggesting in some twisted interpretation of the law that it’s somehow incumbent on Kavanaugh to prove he wasn’t at the party on a date and at a place unknown.

This appears to be the new standard leftists want to impose on their political opponents:

This standard runs in only one direction of course.  The second highest ranking member of the DNC, Keith Ellison has been accused of a significantly more violent assault on his girlfriend with 911 tapes to prove it.  All we get is crickets from the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

Third, her handler is Dianne Feinstein.  Feinstein is one of the most, if not the most, corrupt senators.  Her twenty-year employment of a Chinese spy was recently reported by the FBI.

Then there’s the fact former Feinstein staffer, Daniel Jones, somehow raised $50 million to continue trying to prove the veracity of the Steele dossier, post election.  To put that kind of money together assuredly required the assistance of a heavy hitter like Di Fi. Perhaps, with help from Virginia Senator Mark Warner?

What is the chance that the political hit job on Brett Kavanaugh was orchestrated to deflect media attention from her involvement with the spy who held a key position in her office?