Q Anon Is Baaaaaaaaack

Elder Patriot – President Trump has moved to rescind the bloated $1.3 Trillion omnibus.  The process that will ensue has Congressional and Senatorial swamp dwellers soiling their diapers.

Trump has the power to send any spending he cuts from the omnibus he decides is unnecessary back to Congress where it would need a simple majority vote to pass.

That would put every member of Congress in the position of having to declare themselves on each and every line item and then have to return home and justify that spending with the midterms looming.  Is there any wonder why Paul Ryan has decided not to stand for re-election?

That means all the pork that feeds the swamp dwellers’ fat cat backers is now in jeopardy.  And that puts the majority of Congress in jeopardy. With just about everybody now in jeopardy that makes this Trump’s trump card.

QAnon explained in a drop earlier this evening:

This shouldn’t be construed to mean that Trump is suddenly going to create a balanced budget on his own.  Not even close.

But, it does give Trump the ability to highlight the profligate spending of each of his political enemies – who are blocking his work on behalf of the American people.

Trump’s play is really quite simple; Pay for the wall or explain to your constituents why you’re wasting their money on corporate welfare, defending and funding foreign enemies, subsidizing the world’s second largest economy (China) with trade deficits, et al.

The omnibus has always served as a way for all of this gluttonous spending through incestuous Congressional relationships to remain hidden.  Previous presidents, not wanting to alienate Congress, played along.

This time around however, Democrats and establishment Republicans overplayed their obstruction of Trump’s America First agenda and even worked in concert to undermine, and perhaps impeach, this president.  Trump owes them nothing.

The president is now preparing to take America’s elected enemies to the woodshed.  This is April, the month QAnon had told us to expect President Trump to open his assault on the Deep State, the shadow government, establishment politicians, and every one of the other entrenched non-elected bureaucratic power brokers overriding your electoral decisions.

Expect this to be just the tip of the iceberg as Trump’s army of patriotic Americans, inside and outside of government, expose one corrupt process after the other and one corrupt politician after the other as we work with him to Make American Great Again.