President Trump Prepared to Destroy Fake Media By Shining Sunlight on its Role in Rampant Obama Administration Corruption

Elder Patriot – As President Trump prepares to begin declassifying the documents pertinent to the FISA warrants that authorized systemic spying on his campaign and them his presidency, expect the mainstream media attacks on him to amplify exponentially.  This is to be expected. You always take the most flak when you’re squarely over the target.

The fake news media construct – the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and the 100’s of downstream outlets that serve as a confirmatory echo chamber – will be doing everything in their power to destroy Trump because upon the release of the documents their credibility will be destroyed.

The fake news media construct that has provided propaganda support for the Washington cabal is facing the end of any credibility that still attaches to it.

The media’s recent pivot back to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, that provides for the removal of a president in the case where he/she becomes mentally incompetent while in office, has been built on the false premise that Trump is simply an overly emotional, shoot-from-the-hip ticking time bomb.

That is wrong and it only takes a modicum of logical thinking to prove it.

The president has access to a level of classified intelligence almost no one else does.  That includes the presidential daily briefings ((PDB) that outline credible imminent threats against the United States to him every morning.  

The PDB’s, because of their highest-level classification, are the most likely way that then President Obama was kept updated on the progress of the Fivey-CIA-FBI-DOJ-State Department plot to destroy Donald Trump.

By virtue of his election, President Trump has access to all of those PDB’s.  With this knowledge, coupled with his personal knowledge that he never conspired with agents of Russia, consider who President Trump’s presidency actually threatens.

If your answer is Washington’s criminal establishment, then you’re only partially right.  After all, the level of corruption that the Obama administration engaged in is previously unfathomable an incredible story on its own.  So why is the media hiding from reporting it?

Because, to report the truth surrounding the legitimacy of the cabal’s plan, hidden in the grossly redacted FISA applications, would be to expose their own sordid role in deceiving the FISA court.

To add gravitas to the evidence lacking in the second FISA renewal (third warrant application overall), the FBI had engaged in a media leak strategy.

Here is the letter from Congressman Mark Meadows addressed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein directly citing the leak strategy, yesterday:

First indent after second paragraph:

  • April 10, 2017: (former FBI Special Agent) Peter Strzok contacts (former FBI Attorney) Lisa Page to discuss a “media leak strategy.” Specifically, the text says: “I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go.”

The entire plan to destroy President Trump was contingent on the participation of the corrupt media.  By leaking classified information, even uncorroborated or deliberately false information to the newspapers, the FBI was creating circular amplification for the threadbare, manufactured evidence it had used to falsely create a predicate for the case.

The FBI then used the resultant news accounts to bolster the FISA application, by representing each news account to the court as independent supporting evidence.

Worse, mainstream media reporters obligingly served as FBI handmaidens.

The breadth of the media’s participation in the conspiracy became undeniable widers after the indictment of James Wolfe.  Wolfe, a thirty-year veteran of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was caught (following an internal investigation into the leaking of classified documents) leaking the entire unredacted FISA warrant on March 17, 2017 to a NY Times reporter.

That opened the floodgates to nearly a hundred highly recognizable mainstream media reporters who were suddenly exposed as collaborating co-conspirators to bring down the duly elected president.

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, the so-called mainstream media had gone all-in promoting Hillary Clinton and protecting the Obama administration, not because they believed that ideologically Hillary was good for America, or that Obama wasn’t a threat to our society, but because they feared the near certainty that Hillary would be elected and the repercussions that would accrue if they hadn’t participated in the ruse.

Factored into this calculation was that there would never be a President Trump and that the media’s relationship protecting Washington’s Deep State would remain unscathed.

The fact that it never played out that way leaves the so-called mainstream media facing manys days of reckoning over any number of other hard to explain media accounts from the “official” JFK assassination, to the official 9/11 story, to today’s attempt to unseat the duly elected president.

The mainstream media went all in against Donald Trump because not to do so following his election would’ve exposed them as the bald-faced liars and fabricators of fake news that they are now about to be proven to be.5

Donald Trump withstood their ceaseless assault on him.  Now let’s see how well they fare when Trump opens up on them.