President Trump Overrules Advisers in a Move That Will Go Down in History

Kirsters Baish| It seems like a lot of Americans are still having trouble understanding how Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. These libs are simply bitter that their corrupt candidate didn’t win. I guess they just don’t understand how angry true patriots are about all of the failed policies of past presidents, and how ready they are to see someone actually make changes.

Both sides of the aisle are guilty of selling out large areas of middle America for easy money. We can’t blame one party and let the other off the hook. It simply is not fair, however, there are certain advisers who don’t seem to understand or think that Americans won’t remember why Trump ran in the first place and just how amazing this win was. It was all to protect American jobs.

There haven’t been all too many conversations about how to make Trump’s trade impulses less intense, but we do know that he wants to get even tougher. China truly believes that Trump might tariff them. They are concerned about it enough that they are willing to make some concessions.

Obama never let them worry about a damn thing.

Business Insider reported:

President Donald Trump on Monday caught the eye of economists and policy analysts with an offhand comment that suggested a significant shift in American’s trade policy.

Trump said his administration was looking into a “reciprocal tax” on imports: “We won’t charge them anything and we send them our product, same product as they’re sending us; and they’ll charge us 50 and 75% tax — and that’s very unfair,” Trump said during a White House meeting. “So we’re going to be doing very much a reciprocal tax, and you’ll be hearing about that during the week and during the coming months.

This is exactly what we’re talking about. You have to keep everyone on their toes. You can never be predictable, because when you’re predictable people know what you will do next. What kind of strategy would that be?

Leftist pundits were completely taken aback. What else is new? They have been running their statistics which show that this is the wrong move. But in reality, it is very right.

An analyst at Cohen Washington Research Group named Chris Krueger totally downplayed their concerns by saying, “In theory, Trump’s reciprocal tax would re-set the US tariff on all foreign imports to the tariff from the similar U.S. export,” Krueger said in a note to clients. “While some might see this as the opening of a global trade war to end all global trade wars, some in the White House (likely including the Commander in Chief) believe that the U.S. is already in a global trade war…and losing bigly.”

This is totally correct. If they’re going to tax our goods, why would we not tax theirs?