President Trump Calls Out Facebook Censorship, Signals Zuck’s Time As Censor Is Coming To An End

Kirsters Baish| There is a war going on within our country. It’s not a war that you read about everyday in the news, and there’s a specific reason for that; The mainstream media started the war. We have reported numerous times before that social media giant Facebook has been accused of severely censoring Conservatives and Republicans. President Donald Trump spoke up about the issue during a West Virginia rally yesterday. He was there campaigning for Republican Patrick Morrisey. Morrisey is running against current incumbent Senator Joe Manchin.

The President explained that many conservatives have been censored on liberal social media platforms, solely based on their political opinions. He stressed how important it is that everyone continue to have the same right to express their opinions, that everyone have a voice, even “Fake News” media outlets like CNN.

Obviously the whole speech is worth watching, but for the CNN comment, take a look at around 1 hour and two minutes:

“We are also standing up to social media censorship, that’s the new thing, that’s the new thing. You know, I’d rather have fake news like CNN, I’d rather have fake news, it’s true, than have anybody including liberals, socialists, anything, then have anybody stopped and censored. We got to live with it,” Trump said.

He went on, mentioning specific social media outlets, “You have Twitter, or whatever you have, you have Facebook. But everyone, you can’t have censorship, you can’t pick one person and say, we don’t like what he’s been saying, he’s out. So we will live with fake news. I hate to say it but we have no choice because that’s by far the better alternative. You can’t have people saying censorship. It can turn around, it could be them next. We believe in the right of Americans to speak their minds.”

This past Saturday, the President targeted social media outlets for their attempts to censor conservative voices.

“Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices,” The President wrote on Twitter. “Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others.”

Then, on Monday he told Reuters that it’s “very dangerous” for liberal social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to censor users based on political opinions.

“I won’t mention names but when they take certain people off of Twitter or Facebook and they’re making that decision, that is really a dangerous thing because that could be you tomorrow,” Trump explained to Reuters.

The President also wrote on Twitter, “Too many voices are being destroyed, some good & some bad, and that cannot be allowed to happen. Who is making the choices, because I can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made. Let everybody participate, good & bad, and we will all just have to figure it out!”